Dear Potential Business Owner Looking for Commercial Space

I take tons of pictures when I’m in Wickford.  It doesn’t matter what season it is, I find Wickford Village to be one of the most picturesque spots in all of Rhode Island.  I have friends and family that are from North Kingstown as well as other friends who came from out of state to work here, and have since moved away.  I share my photos on social media with the caption “This view never gets old.”


However, one view that is getting entirely too old is the “For Sale” or “For Lease” signs that are prominent in Wickford Village.  I took a walk with my sons yesterday through town and noticed at least 5 “For Sale” or “For Lease” signs in Wickford Village.  With the news that local institution Wilson’s of Wickford will soon close its doors, it seems that another “For Sale” sign will be placed on Brown St.


As a business owner, I applaud all of the merchants in Wickford who are making a difference and striving to bring positive energy to the town.  Some businesses have changed locations in Wickford. Wickford has some new eateries and retail shops.  There are tons of activities every year in Wickford to draw local residents, their friends and families who live in RI and elsewhere into the village to shop, eat lunch, and enjoy the scenery.  Personally, I have been a visitor, spectator, and sponsor of some of these events like the Wickford Art Festival, the Tuesday Night Concerts, and Christmas celebrations.


Most people I speak to about Wickford are saddened by stores closing, especially some of the larger spaces that remain empty.   I, like most, have ideas about what should go where or what would be a good fit in that spot or I think this should go there.  I believe in this era of social media and sharing articles and posting photos, that one way to solve the issue of the open spaces in Wickford is simple: share your photos, share a common interest story you see on the Patch or the Independent or this blog, share your love of Wickford with others.  Be a marketing representative of your town, in a positive way.  Do you know someone who is graduating from RIC or URI with a business degree or perhaps a law degree from Suffolk University and needs an office?  How about someone who graduated from Springfield College with a degree in Health and Fitness who is looking to set up a small personal training studio?  Or a chef from Johnson & Wales who wants to open up a breakfast place in a small town?

61 Brown St. is located in Wickford’s waterfront area.  It has 1296 square feet, according to multiple real estate sites.  There are two floors and a enviable deck overlooking Wickford Harbor.  There is plenty of parking in the lot behind Rite Aid and the town offices.  Berkshire Hathaway, Gammons Realty has the listing.  If you know someone who is interested in a space like this – an office with a gorgeous view of Wickford, ample parking, a spot where thousands of visitors come every year to shop, eat, and sight see – share it with them.  The more we positively market our town’s qualities, the closer we will get to filling those empty stores in Wickford Village.

2 thoughts on “Dear Potential Business Owner Looking for Commercial Space

  1. Hi Noel-

    Just an fyi-I believe there is a business seriously looking into that space, it has nothing to do with food since it would have to upgrade the septic system. Perhaps you are not aware, but we now have a WONDERFUL new coffee shop with great baked goods, sandwiches and more! I am thinking it might not be a bad idea to let them establish themselves before we market for another of the same! If you have not tried Shayna’s, I suggest you do! They are a great addition to the village and only steps away from your suggested building. 🙂

    1. Thanks Deb. That’s great news about the potential buyer for that space. I know you and the other merchants are working hard to promote Wickford and all that it has to offer. And yes, I’ve heard some wonderful reviews on Shayna’s Place as well. Noel

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