The North End of North Kingstown Welcomes You To Shop, Eat, Play, and Relax

According to public records, North Kingstown is about 58 square miles – 44 land miles and 14 water.  In North Kingstown, there is a lot of focus on Wickford Village, a place where festivals are held, concerts are performed, and colonial history meets modern day life.


If you are active on social media pages about North Kingstown politics, businesses, and events, you will find discussions aplenty about Wickford Village and its prominence in the eyes of North Kingstown residents.  There are discussions, sometimes heated and unsubstantiated from those who live and work outside the village.  Some write “I do not live in Wickford Village or shop in Wickford or go to festivals and concerts.”  Some comments I have read recently refer to the North End, or as I would say once you hit Post Rd at Wickford Appliance, as the forgotten son or daughter of North Kingstown. Some comments are directed towards the empty commercial spaces on and off Post Rd and the struggles businesses have making ends meet.  Others are merely pointing out that North Kingstown has a lot more parks, retail stores, and opportunities than simply Wickford Village. Freedom of speech is one of the most important freedoms we have as United States citizens. In a way, the comments are drawing attention to the businesses of the North End.  In a perfect world, I would love to see less negativity and more discussion on positive things we can do as a community on these social media pages.

Biomes Marine Biology Center
Biomes Marine Biology Center

Restaurants, golf courses, parks, retail stores on and off Post Rd offer plenty of opportunity for shopping, great food, recreation, and enjoyment.  My office happens to be on Post Rd and I encourage you to visit us in the North End of North Kingstown.   Please enjoy “The 1st Edition of the A to Z’s of The North End.”



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