The 2015 Let’s Talk Turkey Campaign from the North Kingstown Food Pantry

The Let’s Talk Turkey Campaign aids those in need during the Thanksgiving Season.

The North Kingstown Food Pantry is committed to our community members in need.  In particular, this Thanksgiving, the NK Food Pantry is once again taking donations to pay for meals via their “Let’s Talk Turkey” campaign.  Hundreds of local school kids and their families raised money to support this campaign.  Area businesses have been very charitable with money to pay for food items such as bread, stuffing, potatoes, carrots, eggs, and much more.

Let's Talk Turkey to help those in need during Thanksgiving.

There are still a few items that the North Kingstown Food Pantry needs.  Last year, they satisfied the requests of over 400 local families.  This year, according to their website and marketing materials, the demand could be even greater.

Please watch this short whiteboard video by the North Kingstown Marketing Company and share it with your community members who can help meet the needs of the North Kingstown Food Pantry. You can reach them directly via:

phone – 401-885-3663

website –

email –

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