Working Out in October – The Concept2 Rower At West Bay YMCA

Fall is here, the weather is getting cooler, outdoor pools are closing, and exercisers are turning their attention towards working out indoors.  This month on the North Kingstown Blog, I will be focusing on working out – off season training for baseball players, indoors at a fitness center, or some exercises you can do in your living room watching football.  I will be interviewing local personal trainers as well as visiting local health clubs to learn more about “Working Out in October.”

Noel on the Concept2 Rower at the West Bay YMCA

As a longtime member of the YMCA, (my local Y is West Bay right here in North Kingstown) I was so excited to see a Concept2 Rower in the main fitness room.  Concept2 Rowers are the gold standard of rowers in the fitness equipment industry and have been since the 1980’s.  They are compact, easy to use and operate, and most important they get results.  Rowing machines use a wide range of muscle groups, from quadriceps to triceps, from glutes to abdominals.

Check out the Concpet2 Rower

On the official website of Concept2,, there is a training and technique section.  Here you will find illustrations and instructions on “the catch, the drive, the finish, and the recovery.” Technique is important for optimal use on this Concept2 rower, so if you are unfamiliar with how to use a rowing machine, consult with a fitness professional at the West Bay Y.

“The Catch” Photo courtesy of Concept2, Inc.
“The Drive” Photo courtesy of Concept2, Inc.
“The Finish” Photo courtesy of Concept2, Inc.
“The Recovery” Photo courtesy of Concept2, Inc.

Also, the Concept2 Rower has a digital monitor which shows you a number of workout statistics.  Workout statistics are a great way to motivate you during your exercise session and provide key feedback to how you are performing.  Stats on the Concept2 include – time of workout, duration, pace, and total distance.  This Concept2 Rower at the West Bay YMCA has a new and modern performance console (PM5), which provides you with the right amount of feedback to keep you motivated.  It is a programmable console, easy to use and operate, and there is even a games section for motivation and fun during your workout.

If you are a member of the West Bay YMCA and are looking for an alternate cardiovascular workout to running on a treadmill or using an elliptical, the Concept2 Rower is an ideal solution.  It is situated in the back of the room by the bicycles.  Again, if you need assistance on technique, ask one of the knowledgeable staff members to show you how the Concept2 Rower works.  It is a low impact, very effective workout for any athletic age.  I look forward to many, many meters of rowing this October at the West Bay YMCA.

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