Ebay is a global marketplace for buyers and sellers to exchange goods.  Shoppers can look for Halloween costumes or a used exercise bike.  Sellers can list a used camera or set of steak knives.  It is like going to a flea market, all in the comfort of your home or at your office or on the train home from work.  Ebay has been one of the most successful e-commerce websites for 20 years, and I don’t see anything preventing it from being successful for another 20 plus years.


If you are a seller on ebay, congratulations.  You have chosen a platform that works day and night to sell your item or items.  In previous blogs, I have discussed taking great photos as well as writing an effective title for your ebay listing.   This blog is going to focus on the description section of ebay.  This is where you tell the story of your item, so let’s start with some basic concepts.


  1. Get to the point – The first line of your description should be the item you are selling.  “Used Kodak Camera” or “New in Box Apple iPhone” or “Reconditioned Life Fitness Treadmill”  Let your potential buyer know exactly what the listing is so there is no confusion in the rest of the description.
  2. Include model number or identification number – If your item has a model number, list it.  Search engines pick up model numbers and when people are searching for a specific model number, guess what?  Your item could appear on major search inquiries.  “Gibson Epiphone Casino VS”  “Precor 956i Treadmill” “Honda BF50A Outboard Motor” By using the model number of the item, you add important specifics that make your listing more searchable.
  3. Tell the story of your item – Be descriptive, take measurements, how heavy is it, what is it made of, what does it do?  What significance does it have, where did it come from, how many hours have been logged on it, how functional is it?  “This item is a copper kitchen tool used in the 1900’s.”  “This item was used on a sailboat for about 150 hours.”  “This item was used in a health club for 3 years.” Be transparent and be honest to a fault.  This will let your buyer know what they are getting.  You don’t want your buyer guessing “Is this item functional or am I buying a lemon?”

For more tips on writing in the description section, contact me at The North Kingstown Marketing Company.  I have been selling on ebay for over 10 years and have written about fitness equipment, art, musical instruments, and more.  My office number is 401-583-7171 or you can email me at thenkblog@gmail.com.