10 Cool Things About Gym Guys – The Guys Who Customize Fitness Equipment

 I recently caught up with Eddie Montgomery of Gym Guys, LLC , the guys who customize fitness equipment.

The automobile industry has a long tradition of customizing cars, trucks, even limousines.  Fancy wheels, exotic paint jobs, crazy designs on a vehicle have that “wow” factor and can turn heads on any busy street corner.  In the used fitness equipment industry, the customized product can be a very personal reflection of creativity.  Sports team decals, custom paint jobs, and those special touches are not all that commonplace in the used fitness industry.  But there is a local company that has taken this customization to a new level of expertise, Gym Guys.  I recently caught up with Eddie Montgomery of Gym Guys, LLC to learn more their custom designed pieces that include tributes to local sports teams such as the New England Patriots and the Boston Bruins.


How did you get into customizing fitness equipment?  Would you liken it to detailing cars or boats or is it more involved, less involved?

Well, we (Mike and I) had been servicing and refurbishing exercise equipment for several years when we decided to do something a little more challenging and bring out our creative side.  As far as cars are concerned, I feel that restoring a car is extremely tough and has its challenges as well. Customizing anything is a challenge.  You must create a balance – between being cool looking or just being gaudy looking and that can sometimes be a very difficult task.

How long have you been working in the fitness industry?

We have been in the fitness industry for a combined 25 years.  We started out doing service and repairs and have since branched out to sales in addition to our refurbishing and customizing services.



Who is your typical customer?  Is it a health club, corporate site or private residence?

We have done business with all three but I would have to say we mostly supply residences with our products.

What has been your favorite project to work on?  Why was it so special?

I would have to say the custom pink bike we donated for breast cancer awareness.  Knowing many people ourselves who fought tough battles with cancer, it was truly special to help out such a worthy organization and cause!


How does the process start?  Do you draft a concept online or on a sketch board and then implement it?

No computers.  It is typically a creative process that starts with just a vision which then gets sketched on paper.  However, it tends to change frequently from the original as we find what works and what doesn’t.  Like I said, it’s about finding a good balance!

I see the exterior is customized, do you customize the operation of the machine?  For example, a treadmill has a console with buttons to control speed, elevation.  Do you customize the buttons or leave the original manufacturer’s buttons?

No, we do not change or alter the functionality of the equipment.   We want the function of the machine to mirror the way it left the factory and the way the user knows how to use it in the gym.

What gets done “under the hood”?


That depends on the piece that is being worked on.  If we are doing a treadmill, automatically the motor gets professionally rebuilt and it gets new drive and running belts. If we do bikes or cross trainers we replace the alternator brushes or alternator itself plus all new belts and new battery. And as always ever piece gets new hardware.

What are some of the machines you customize?  Do you work on bikes, ellipticals or just treadmills?

We work on and customize anything fitness related whether it be cardio or strength.

How are you marketing your items?  Facebook, Twitter?  Where can customers find you and your services?

I would say %90 of our clients are word of mouth and repeat customers because of our customer service.
To contact us just email us at Gymguysllc@gmail.com

Or by phone
Ed 401-545-8712
Mike 401-374-2176


Any sneak peaks on future projects?

Well we are currently refurbishing several pieces and customizing an upright bike for a client.  I would say, if you have an interest in a customized piece of fitness equipment, contact us and let’s see what we can customize for you.

Note: GymGuys LLC is not in any shape or form affiliated with any professional sports team or any professional organization. GYMGUYS LLC is a fitness equipment customization company that customizes equipment in any theme that the client wants.


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