For Athletes of All Abilities, A Polar Heart Rate Monitor Is A Must Have For Your Fitness Program

I am blessed to have two parents with strong backgrounds in medicine.  I followed a slightly different path in the health care industry by attending Springfield College, earning a degree in Health and Fitness.  Part of my degree coursework was exercise physiology.  I learned why and how the body reacts to changes in intensity, pressure, and variations in the cardiovascular, muscular, and skeletal systems during exercise.  I learned how changes in your heart rate can affect respiration, body functions, core temperature, calorie expenditure, and more.  In school, we monitored heart rate by taking pulses or connecting subjects to machines.  Upon graduating in 1994, I learned about Polar Heart Rate watches.


Shortly after I graduated from Springfield, I started training for triathlons.  One of my swim team coaches suggested heart rate training.  So, I picked up a basic Polar Heart Rate watch that helped me tremendously in my training program.  This watch monitored my heart rate as well as had interval functions so I could track my heart rate during various intensities.  It was a functioning wrist watch as well – date, time, alarms, etc.  The strap was easy to put on and clean.  This Polar Heart Rate watch was a great investment for under $50 and I used a watch for training purposes for close to 10 years, upgrading from time to time to other Polar Heart Rate watches with higher functions.


Over the next two decades, Polar Heart Rate monitors, watches, and accessories have continued to evolve and modernize the monitoring of your heart rate during your fitness program.  Bike mounts, GPS tracking, sleek and fashionable designs – Polar Heart Rate has it all.  It is the health and fitness leader and standard of excellence since long before I donned one in 1994.  Personal trainers, exercise science professors, athletes, coaches, and everyday exercisers all trust Polar Heart Rate monitors to keep track of their fitness progress.  Whether your goals are weight loss or the Boston Marathon, pick up a Polar Heart Rate monitor and see how training your heart rate efficiently can improve your results.

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