North Kingstown Marketing First Aid Kit Promotion To Support Local Charity MAE Organization

In recent months, the North Kingstown Marketing Company through the NK Blog has supported the incredible efforts of the MAE Organization for the Homeless.  Through a wide range of services from art therapy to clothing drives to counseling and above all, compassion, MAE is making a positive difference in the lives of those less fortunate.  Take a second to read their vision:

MAE Organization


The Organization’s goal is to impact the homeless by assisting/facilitating them in finding respite and enlightenment, a sense of self worth, forgiveness and understanding with the assurance of safety and no judgment, as well as, alleviation from depression and anxiety through creative and holistic approaches.

Also through the NK Blog, I learned and wrote about Rich Park and Right Response Responsible Fundraising.  Rich is a great local resource for fundraising efforts in schools, local sports teams, as well as national organizations such as the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.  Right Response offers first aid kits and solutions for a wide range of uses – home, office, boat, golf course, even your pets. These first aid kits are just what you might need should someone close to you require first aid.   Here is a link to a catalog with some of their first aid solutions – Right Response.

first aid right response

Because the North Kingstown Marketing and its staff is committed to working with and being a strong community partner, a portion of every sale of a Right Response first aid solution will go to a local charity to help those in need.  Every month, we will designate a charity of choice, write an article about the work of that charity, and recognize the important people or cause it represents.  There are so many deserving charities in our community and our goal is to shed some light on the incredible work being done; a lot of it being through individual volunteers and volunteer organizations.

And, for the remainder of 2015, the North Kingstown Marketing Company will donate a portion of sales to the MAE Organization for the Homeless.  For more information on this special promotion, contact me via email at  To order your first aid kit and help support MAE, click on this link – Right Response First Aid Solutions.  Or fill out your information below to be contacted by a staff member of the North Kingstown Marketing Company.

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