Why Hammer Strength Plate Loaded Machines Are The Industry Leader in Quality

When you visit a health club or sports and conditioning center, there are several areas of fitness with various machines.  Most of your larger health clubs will have a cardiovascular room with treadmills, bikes, and steppers. Others will have aerobic rooms, racquetball courts, and yoga studios.  When it comes to strength training, you can typically find areas filled with benches for dumbbell training or selectorized machines with weight stacks (possibly in a circuit), as well other machines that you can add plates to for resistance.  The company that has been the industry leader in plate loaded equipment for not only health clubs, but for sports and conditioning centers and professional sports teams is and has been Hammer Strength.

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Hammer Strength, now a part of the Life Fitness Company, is one of the most reputable names in the fitness equipment industry.  It was originally designed by a team led by Gary Jones, the son of Nautilus inventor Arthur Jones.  Hammer Strength can be found in commercial facilities such as health clubs, athletic training centers, professional sports training rooms, as well as local personal training studios and schools.  It is a durable product line that offers some of the best strength training options in the fitness equipment industry.  Hammer Strength has a line of selectorized machines as well as racks, benches, and plate loaded equipment.  This article focuses on the plate loaded series of Hammer Strength products.   

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These products typically come in one of three different varieties.

  1. Iso-lateral design – this design features individual arms which can be used one arm at a time or simultaneously.  You can alternate arms or use the arms together.  Some examples are the Iso-lateral Chest Press, Iso-Lateral Row, Iso-Lateral Shoulder Press, Iso-Lateral Lat Pulldown
  2. Fixed design – this design features a fixed bar so you are pushing, pulling, pressing with both arms at the same time.  This style resembles free weight training with a straight bar such as an olympic bar or EZ curl bar.  Some examples are the Biceps Curl, Pullover, Leg Press, Squat/Lunge
  3. Dual design – this design features two stations connected back to back.  There is either a fixed bar that connects both sides or the dual is an iso-lateral design.  These duals are designed to work only one station at a time.  Some examples are Chest/Dip, Lat Pulldown/Chest.

As a fitness equipment dealer for over 15 years, Hammer Strength has been a trusted company for quality and design.   The iso-lateral designed machines are great because you can work out arm or leg at a time.  It is like using a set of dumbbells to work your muscles, except with Hammer Strength you have the added safety of a machine.  The fixed design offer the user a more traditional workout that feels like you are using a straight bar with plates.  To me, Hammer Strength plate loaded equipment is some of the best in the fitness equipment industry.

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