Save on Hundreds of Items at the Guitar Center Outlet Store This Holiday Season

One of the greatest gifts you can give during this holiday season is the gift of music.  A musical instrument can inspire a child to be creative or can rekindle a love of music in an adult.  Music can provide a peaceful afternoon for a busy professional or hours of enjoyment for a family on vacation.  In my household, I have guitars, harmonicas, and drums that are played by kids and adults alike.  And when I need strings for my guitar or new heads for my son’s drum kit, I go to a trusted place for musicians, Guitar Center.

guitar center

Guitar Center has been my choice for musical instruments since I started playing guitar almost a decade ago.  Their staff consists of current musicians who are always available to answer any and all questions about guitars, drums, PA systems, amps, and more.  When I purchased my acoustic guitar a few years back, I looked at their used inventory.  Guitar Center has an incredible range of used instruments such as electric and acoustic guitars, drums, bass guitars, and pianos in stock at their retail locations.  The great thing is you can try it out in the store prior to purchase, just ask a sales representative to assist you.  Purchasing a used musical instrument is a great way to save money this holiday season.  Plus, the staff at Guitar Center inspects all of their used gear, giving you the piece of mind you are getting a quality used item.

guitar center1

If you are looking for a musical instrument for a family member, friend, or co-worker this holiday season, check out Guitar Center’s massive inventory of used gear.  Try a guitar or bass out in one of their retail stores.  Personally, I like to go into the acoustic guitar room and jam on a Martin or Takamine or Guild guitar.

guitar center2

In Rhode Island, Guitar Center is located in the Bald Hill Shopping Plaza in Warwick at the back end of the plaza.  Or you can click this link to visit Guitar Center’s website to learn more about their incredible inventory of new and used gear.

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