Used Atlantis Fitness Equipment Strength Circuit Available – Local MA Gym

The North Kingstown Marketing Company is working with a local Massachusetts gym who is selling a circuit of Atlantis fitness equipment.  This complete circuit of 15 strength equipment features machines for upper body, legs, and core strength training.  Each machine has adjustments to accommodate a wide range of user heights.  Each Atlantis Strength machine is this circuit has an exercise placard that shows the basic operation of the machine as well as the muscle groups involved.  Atlantis Strength is commercially built for a health club, college or university athletic center, or personal training studio.  The circuit is by Atlantis Fitness, and includes the following items and model numbers:

  • E252 – Rear Deltoid/Lateral Raise
  • E149 – Shoulder Press
  • D-237 – Row
  • D412 – Pulldown
  • P140 – Chest Press
  • A205 – Abdominal
  • D134/D434 – Lower Back
  • M125 – Calves
  • C108 – Seated Leg Curl
  • C105 – Leg Extension
  • A174 – Abdominal/Rotary Torso
  • F225/L225 – Leg Press
  • T163 – Triceps
  • B157 – Biceps
  • P143 – Incline Press

Here is an assortment of photos of this Atlantis Strength Circuit:

atlantis ab atlantis seated leg curl atlantis row atlantis leg extension

This circuit is being sold as is in good condition.  The frames are white with some cosmetic marks from use and age.  Overall, the frames look presentable.  The decals from Atlantis Strength are intact and look presentable.  The weight stacks, cables, pulleys and other machine adjustments are all functional.  The pads are black and look good with some overall wear from use and age.  They were recently replaced and are in good condition.  The seller is asking $12995 for this circuit and is open to offers.  Shipping charges are buyer’s responsibility.  In working with the seller on this circuit, Noel P. Roby and the North Kingstown Marketing Company will be the contact for anyone interested.

Noel P. Roby has been in the fitness equipment industry for over 20 years and has a 10 year reputation of selling on ebay as an ebay Powerseller. If you would like more information about this circuit, email Noel at or call the at 401-583-7171.  Or fill in the contact form below and Noel will get back to you as soon as possible.

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