The goal of rehabilitation centers is to get you back to being active in your daily life.  You can find fitness products at physical therapy clinics, hospital rehabilitation centers, and health clubs, which have special equipment and accessories for rehabilitation purposes.  Once you have been cleared by your doctor or therapist, you are typically given an outpatient program to follow on your own time.  The equipment that the specialists use can now be purchased for your home or office setting, so you can continue with your rehabilitation program.  One of the best sites I have found for products for exercise and rehabilitation purposes is


Active-N-Able is a great website filled with exercise products for a wide range of users.  Here are some of the great product ideas I found:

  • Lower body machines and accessories.
  • Water exercise products are great to put into your gym bag for water aerobics at your local gym.
  • Active-N-Able offers a huge selection of core fitness and balance solutions
  • Upper body products such as bands and upper body ergometers
  • Therapy products for hand, shoulder, and knee rehabilitation

active2 is easy to navigate and the prices are very reasonable.  They even offer gift certificates for the active exerciser in your household.  So, if you or someone you know is looking for ankle weights, aqua jogger water exercise pack, or even a compact bike for your office, check out  Their slogan is “enabling people to be active.”


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