The Matrix A5X Ascent Trainer – A Cardio Workout Dream Machine

One exercise equipment model that I particularly like is the Matrix A5X Ascent Trainer

Matrix Fitness is one of the most trusted names in the fitness equipment industry worldwide.  Matrix’s line of strength training equipment, cardiovascular machines, and other fitness solutions can be found in major health clubs, corporate fitness centers, physical therapy clinics, as well as residences.  Matrix has infused style and innovation into their products, which are not only easy on the eyes, but also easy to use and operate.  In my 20 plus years in the fitness industry, I can honestly say that Matrix Fitness is one of the most impressive companies in the fitness equipment industry.


One of the products Matrix Fitness has featured over the years has been the Ascent Trainer.  One model that I particularly like is the Matrix A5X Ascent Trainer.  This product is designed to work the heart and lungs or cardiovascular fitness while conditioning the legs and upper body as well.  The Matrix A5X features a cross training style design – upper body and lower body movement – which increases the number of muscle groups involved in the exercise session.  When the legs move, the arms move along with them, mirroring the natural body arm swing with walking or running.  Or, if you should choose not to use your arms during this movement, there are convenient stationary handles to grab onto.


The Matrix A5X Ascent Trainer offers a programmable console.  There are pre-set programs which have built in settings for intensity, or you can use this machine on a manual setting and workout at your own pace.  This console shows you feedback such as time, intensity of your workout, calories burned, even your heart rate.  You can get a heart rate reading by simply grasping the heart rate sensors which are located just below the console.  The console on this Matrix A5X is easy to read, easy to use, and gets you into your workout so you can start exercising.

The Matrix A5X offers the user a non-impact exercise session.  Treadmills, outdoor running or walking are examples of impact type exercises.  The Matrix Ascent Trainer has no starting or stopping movements, so it is typically considered to be easier on your knees, hips, and joints overall.  Another interesting feature the A5X machine has is the ability to change the incline or elevation of the movement.  Like a treadmill, when you change the incline of your exercise session, you are changing the intensity of your workout.  On the Matrix A5X Ascent Trainer, the incline can change up or down to make your workout harder or easier.  This makes the Matrix A5X Ascent Trainer a highly desired piece of fitness equipment for exercisers of all abilities.


These are just some of the many features of the Matrix A5X Ascent Trainer.  For more information on this unit, contact me via the form below.  In  my inventory, I have several Matrix A5X units available on ebay.  On ebay, you can see additional photos and read more about why I love this machine.



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