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The Academy Awards and Oscar Night is approaching.  One of the more eye catching scenes from the “Red Carpet” event every year in Los Angeles is the parade of limousines that bring movies stars, celebrities, and the rich folks of Hollywood to be seen, receive awards, get their picture taken, and so on.  You can picture it now.  The limousine pulls up, the driver steps out to come around the limo and open the door for the celebrity.  The celebrity slowly exits the limo to an array of lights and cameras flashing, reporters with their notepads clamoring for a quote, fans screaming.  For some, the image of a limousine signals wealth and luxury and stardom.  So, are limousines only for the rich and famous?  Not according to Airline Express Limo, one leading local limousine and car service.


I met Virginia “Ginny” Cauley at a networking lunch through the North Kingstown Chamber of Commerce.  At the lunch, all of the business owners got to give a 2 to 3 minute synopsis of their business, who they were, what they did.  Ginny’s description of her business, which she co-owns with husband Chuck O’Koomian, was engaging and fun and informative and left me wondering what else I could learn about her car service business.  So, I sat down recently with Chuck and Ginny to learn more.  One sad note to mention.  I also met Ken Pickering at this lunch meeting and I am very sorry to his friends, family, and colleagues for your loss.

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So, what is your definition of “service?”  What does it mean when you say Airline Express Limo provides “excellent customer service?”

Safety, insured drivers, family-orientated, friendly drivers.  I could go on and on about our car service.  Our drivers are like chameleons – do we have a client that is going to NYC and needs 3 hours to work and wants quiet?  Good, we respect that.  Do we have a party going to Foxwoods for an anniversary party and wants to be festive?  Good, we love that and respect that.  Our personal touch approach to your car service is what separates us from everyone else in this industry.

Are your car service drivers mostly male, female, older?

We actually employ both male and female drivers.  As for the type of person we hire, there is a lengthy process and application process before you become a licensed limousine driver.  Insurance, security, piece of mind, this all comes with hiring a licensed car service.  Let me repeat that last part – licensed and insured car service company.  Our drivers are taught to listen to their customer’s needs and be sure that the service is from the heart!


So how long does the process take?  Is it a call or order on line service?

It depends on the event.  Proms, weddings, major events like that with a lot of moving parts must be scheduled months and months in advance.  But, the day to day operations of Airline Express Limo is a phone call away.  We are a reservation only company, that is why you cannot book your service on our website.  I like to get to know my clients, so I strike up a conversation with them on the phone to get to know them and their needs.  This way, I can fit the right driver to that personality type and make their car service experience just right.  But, to answer your question, call me and let’s talk about what your needs are.

I keep mentioning limousines, but you do have other vehicles, correct?

You should check out our page on our website, entitled “Vehicles.”  There you will find the most beautiful and stylish vehicles you can imagine.  We have a fleet of cars to meet your needs.  Whether it is prom night and you are piling into our vehicle with 10 of your best friends or picking up a friend at the airport, we have just the right vehicle to accommodate your needs.


So, are limos just for the rich and famous?

Absolutely not.  We make it affordable here at Airline Express Limo.  Our rates are fair and consistent.  Believe it or not, we get excited making someone’s night special.  When someone is trusting us to take them back and forth from a winery in Connecticut or a night out in Newport, we take that very seriously.  Our drivers will make sure your experience is a special one, no matter what tax bracket you fall under.

Living in New York City, car service companies were as common as skyscrapers.  What are the benefits of a reliable car service to a company located here in Southern New England?

We are local, we are close by if you need us.  Availability is the key and we can accommodate an executive traveling from RI to Boston or New York City with just a phone call.  Our vehicles are well maintained, inspected, and insured.  And cost effective.  Airline Express is a professional car service and after your first ride with us, we trust you will feel the same way.

I want to thank Chuck and Ginny for a great interview and thanks for my delicious coffee at Brewed Awakenings!

Airline Express Limo, LLC


Licensed, insured, reliable car service serving New England and New York Metro markets

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  1. I am sure they serve the public well. Personally, I am still recovering from riding sideways en route to my daughters wedding.

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