5 Reasons Why the YMCA Personal Training Program Has “Worked Out” for My Son

My family and I are members of the Greater Providence YMCA.  Personally, I have been a member since my teenage years and now my kids can utilize the fitness and strength machines at the YMCA.  Working out with my sons is a great bonus for me and is a great way for me to spend time with my sons while staying fit.  While at the gym, especially our local Y (West Bay here in North Kingstown), I work with my sons on cardio, strength training, and stretching.  But, there is only one of me and one of my sons needed some extra attention to stay motivated.  So, I reached out to the YMCA’s personal training department to learn more.  I was so impressed with the program that I signed my son up for a block of sessions.  Here are 5 reasons why I feel the program has been a huge success for him:

  • griff3Motivation – My son, Griffin, is a very task orientated child and learner.  Like a lot of kids his age, he has struggles with some attention and focus issues.  At the gym, he often lacked direction as to what to do next or how long he should work out on a specific machine.  His personal trainer John has set up a detailed, efficient half hour workout session for him.  These task driven sessions keep his focus and attention at very high levels.  John and Griffin move from exercise to exercise and the half hour goes by quickly, with results.

  • Simple, effective exercises.  John has worked with Griffin on a number of body weight type exercises.  Timed wall squats, lunges, abdominal work, and planks are just a few of the fantastic exercises John has taught Griffin.  And the bonus is that John encourages Griffin to do these exercises at home, like “homework.”  His body is getting stronger with each session with these great workouts that John has developed for him.


  • Education.  John is a fitness expert with a down to earth personality.  He works with Griffin on what muscle groups each exercise is working, what the proper form of the exercises are, how many reps he should do, etc.  It makes me smile to watch Griffin perform these exercises technically correct.  Technique is everything with exercises and the wrong technique can cause injury.  This is one of the best things about John and the personal training program.  Get industry knowledge from a professional trainer and do the exercises correctly from the start.
  • The Fun Factor.  John has made it fun to work out.  Griffin looks forward to his Wednesday night workout session.  If you poll 100 people, I’m sure you would get mixed results if you asked them if they looked forward to wall squats, crunches, lunges, back extensions, and fitness.  John has made the routine exciting and fun and results driven.  Griffin is seeing results and that makes him proud of his accomplishments.  John has a great personality for training people.  He is genuine and it comes across when you meet him and watch him train.


  • Muscles.  Griffin mentioned to me the other night after a training session that he felt his muscles were “getting tighter.”  To translate my 12 year old, that simply means his body is shrinking and he is gaining more muscle tone in his legs, his abs, and his arms.  The training has worked in a lot of ways – he is more confident when he goes to the gym, he has more direction, he has more exercise options now than ever before.  The physical results are what motivates a lot of people to continue.  It has been a great motivator for Griffin, seeing the results from putting in a quality half hour session at the gym and doing his “fitness homework.”  I want to thank John at the Kent County YMCA for being such a positive influence on Griffin’s physical fitness.

Do you or a family member have an interest in the personal training program at the YMCA?  If so, you are in luck.  They are offering a FREE 45 minute fitness assessment to all members and non-members starting today, February 1st.  This assessment will be similar to what I went through for Griffin.  The YMCA is dedicated to finding you a trainer that fits your fitness needs, your personality, and your family’s schedule.  It all starts with the FREE assessment.  Contact the front desk at your local Greater Providence YMCA to learn how you can take advantage of this great offer.

In North Kingstown, the West Bay YMCA is located at 7540 Post Rd.  Phone number is 401-295-6501. Or go to www.ymcagreaterprovidence.org to learn more.



3 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why the YMCA Personal Training Program Has “Worked Out” for My Son

  1. Good job Griffin-keep it up and find ways to make it work. I will place a call when my cord of wood arrives next fall.

  2. John is awesome!!! My daughter & I took his boot camp class for quite a while and loved it! He made it so much fun, always different, always challenging! The only reason we stopped going is because we moved, but I will hopefully be returning soon!

  3. If you see him, please tell him I know I still owe him a postcard from Switzerland! I haven’t forgotten!

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