New and Improved “Cooler” Hussey Bridge Sure to Draw Visitors to “Warmer” North Kingstown

In documents leaked only to the North Kingstown Blog, plans for a new and improved experience entering Wickford are sure to draw some attention to the South County town.  The first step, according to project visionary and avid Hot Wheels enthusiast Timothy Armstrong, is to transform the Hussey Bridge into a unique visitor experience.  One that will put our town on the map for truly being “cooler” than most other Rhode Island cities and towns.  Armstrong’s vision – replace the Hussey Bridge with a life size Hot Wheels Ramp.

hot wheels

“How much cooler can you get” stated Armstrong in an exclusive interview with the NK Blog, “than driving into an awesome 60 foot loop, then into our great town of Wickford?”  Armstrong, who claims his engineering degree comes from Mattel University, plans to submit his plans to the North Kingstown Town Council.  Asked if he fears any backlash from the town’s merchants and frequent visitors, Armstrong was quick to respond.  “Wickford is a warm town. The merchants are friendly.  People jogging say Hi.  Dog walkers are nice.  Yes, we all know this.  My goal is to make it warmer. Isn’t that the goal here in Rhode Island?  Cooler and Warmer?”

Armstrong, who is on track to finish the 3rd grade this year at local Fishing Cove Elementary School, is said to be launching a Go Fund Me page in anticipation of the North Kingstown Town Council’s vote on the matter.  At the time of press, none of the elected 5 members of the council would comment on the proposal, although one did ask me “How did you get my email address?”  If you would like to support The Hot Wheels Inspired Hussey Bridge Improvement Project, visit


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  1. As the mother of two former teenage boys who in responding to a dare, jumped off the top of the Hussey Bridge, and were then photographed for the entire town to be aware AND then taken to the police station, to wait for a parent to collect them, ANTYHING done to the bridge will be great. The memory of it all lies in the walls at 186.

  2. The late Elliot Handler, Mattel’s co-founder and the inventor of Hot Wheels, would be proud and thrilled!! Go Timothy!!!

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