New Traffic Pattern Merging Onto Post Road Outside Wickford

As many North Kingstown and Southern Rhode Island drivers now know, there is a new traffic pattern on Post Road here in North Kingstown.  For those of you who do not know, there is a new traffic pattern on Post Road here in beautiful North Kingstown. The traffic pattern reduces the old Post Rd (pre-July, 2016), to one lane starting at the traffic light across from Wickford Appliance.  For those of us used to two lanes on Post Road, the new traffic pattern has received mixed reviews based on people I have spoken to.

post rd merge2

One area of concern I have noticed for drivers used to the old Post Road traffic pattern is the new merge situation when you are driving out of Wickford Village and the surrounding area.  If you are leaving Wilson Park or Centreville Bank or Wickford Chiropractic and heading north to travel on Post Road, you are now instructed to yield before merging onto Post Road.  This is a change in the traffic pattern because in years past, you had your own lane to merge onto Post Road when travelling north.  You could just stay in your lane and then continue onto Post Road travelling north without yielding to traffic coming from Route 1 or Tower Hill Road.  Now, there is one lane.  So, you are instructed to yield, then merge onto Post Road.

post rd merge1

Admittedly, this new traffic pattern did not set into my thought processes right away.  Luckily, I was able to merge onto Post Road travelling north without incident.  Now, I know there is a yield that needs to happen prior to merging onto Post Road travelling north.  As you can see from the photo below and above, there are posted Yield signs and lines on the road clearly marking this new traffic pattern.  Cars travelling north from Dave’s Marketplace, More Than Music, or various neighborhoods have the right of way once they pass through the lights at the intersection of Route 1 (Tower Hill Road) and Route 1A (West Main St.).

post rd merge

Please note this new merge and yield area in the traffic pattern when merging onto Post Road heading north from Wickford Village and Route 1A (West Main St).  Be safe everyone.

2 thoughts on “New Traffic Pattern Merging Onto Post Road Outside Wickford

  1. Not enough visibility as your eye catches the Wickford sign and not the cars coming at you, justified by the drivers. Also, there is not enough room for a car to yield as it goes along. The area and problem needs more observation and direction. Would there be a person in the town hall with that expertise?

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