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When you see a new health care provider – Doctor, Physical Therapist, Nutritionist, Personal Trainer – they make you fill out a form asking for your personal information and medical history.  In my case, my medical history is so involved and lengthy, I typically write “multiple, explanations upon request” to save time.  As an athlete and being fairly clumsy in my lifetime, I have incurred many, many injuries which are now the cause of some of my musculoskeletal aches and pains.  Being in the health and fitness industry, I have learned stretches and exercises from some of the top experts in fitness, physical therapy, and now chiropractic medicine.  The expert I am working with now is Dr. Michael Preneta of Wickford Chiropractic.


For the past few years, I have been experiencing an ache in my tail bone, perhaps from cycling or an acute fall or a combination of several things.   I went through the typical channels of medicine – primary doctor, X-rays, MRI’s, rest – with no real answers.  Although there was nothing structural wrong with my tailbone, I was no closer to finding out what I could do to relieve the pain there.  And then I contacted Wickford Chiropractic and met Dr. Michael Preneta.

Wickford Chiropractic is located at 610 Ten Rod Road in North Kingstown, right next to the Lafayette Mill Complex.  They have convenient hours of operation and have a friendly staff and comfortable waiting room. Dr. Preneta is a local, growing up in Jamestown, a graduate of North Kingstown High School.  His degrees are impressive, his certifications are many, and his knowledge of the human anatomy is extensive.  Dr. Preneta worked with me and helped identify the problem with a series of tests to help pinpoint the exact area of discomfort.  He diagnosed me with ligament damage, possibly from years of cycling or working at a desk job or combination of both.  Then, he put together a great plan of therapy which included stretching, muscle activation, other therapeutic methods such as heat, electronic stimulation, and manipulation techniques.  After just a few visits, I could already feel the results.  I continued to see Dr. Preneta for about 6 weeks and to this date, I have remained pain free.

This past summer, another nagging injury popped up and the call was made again to my expert, Dr. Preneta.  My right shoulder, having logged thousands of throws from the infield, outfield, and on the pitcher’s mound, had finally said “No more.”  As with my tail bone, Dr. Preneta had me perform a number of stretches and arm positions to show him my inflexibility and lack of strength in the shoulder.  In addition, he worked my shoulder in several range of motion to determine the exact cause of my problem.  My shoulder capsule was not in proper alignment.  So, Dr. Preneta showed me a number of stretches and techniques to reduce the strain.  Again, after working with Dr. Preneta for just a few sessions, I already feel the positive change in my shoulder.


If you have experienced discomfort in your back, hips, neck due to an acute injury like a fall or you are an aging athlete with aches and pains, you should consider a consultation with Wickford Chiropractic.  Wickford Chiropractic employs two doctors, Dr. Michael Preneta and Dr. Paul Sayour.  Their bios are on their website, http://www.wickfordchiro.com, as well as their techniques, hours of operation, and insurance paperwork.  There is plenty of parking at their site at 610 Ten Rod Road.  Give them a call at 401-295-9767 to make an appointment, learn more about chiropractic medical techniques, and more.  I would recommend them to anyone with pain or discomfort who is looking to get back to their favorite activities of daily life.  Thanks Dr. Preneta!!!

Dr. Preneta teaches a core exercise class featuring Foundation Training at the former Yoga Studio located at 650 Ten Rod Road North Kingstown, RI. (First floor around back of building.)

Beginner classes are held every Thursday from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

 Intermediate/ advanced classes are held every Thursday  from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Classes are suitable for patients finished with initial phases of treatment and cleared by their Chiropractic Physician or Physical Therapist to begin an exercise program OR patients/non patients with no current injuries. Please bring a yoga mat and bottled water. Classes are $12 each when you prepay for a month or $15 per class for drop-ins. For more information or to sign up please call 401-295-9767 or email wickfordchiro@gmail.com



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  1. Glad to know this person could be of some help, the treatments were therapeutic and met on a timely basis.
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