Wickford Village Events Show Action Speaks Louder Than Words

The Town of North Kingstown, which includes Wickford Village and the North Kingstown Town Beach, has a number of events coming up which spotlight the pride and passion of our community.  A community which takes pride in its traditions, its beaches, its townspeople, its merchants, its efforts to remain a quaint, coastal village.  Events that draw not only residents of North Kingstown, but surrounding areas as well to our local shoppe owners, our town beach, our community centers, our sidewalk cafes.  The Wickford Village area has always had strong community leaders who have made it their goal to enhance the village area, bring in tourists, and sustain the local economy.  In the past year, I have been involved with and/or come across what I feel is the new wave of enthusiastic merchants, creative festival organizers, concerned citizens, and supporters of increasing the exposure of Wickford Village.  Most, if not all, of these special individuals are doing this on a voluntary basis, which furthers the notion that their desire to promote Wickford Village and the surrounding areas is genuine and not driven by money or outside interests.  I commend you one and all for your efforts and look forward to attending your events, fundraisers, and merchant happenings in support of a brighter future in Wickford.  Here are some of the events you should know about:

w harbor

Per the official Facebook page of the event, “Wickford lights up this Friday, Sep 2nd. Bands playing throughout the village … horse and carriage rides , face painting, and the shops will be open late. Many of the shops have special events planned for the evening such as tastings and “Meet the Maker.” Of course, the harbor will come alive as lights are floated out highlighting the beauty of Wickford and its connection to the sea. This will be a night to feel alive, rich, comfortable, and grateful. A simple idea of illumination in a beautifully antiqued setting.”  For more information, go to Wickford Harbor Lights.

new qu

Being named the King of the 2017 New England Quahog Festival was an unexpected honor.  The North Kingstown Town Beach has always been a favorite spot for me and my family.  There will be an event this September to help raise funds and awareness for what the festival means to North Kingstown – a brighter future for our North Kingstown Town Beach, a beach with gorgeous views, safe waters, family friendly atmosphere, and sunsets that will leave you speechless.  Our Town Beach hosts concerts and movie nights as well as family cookouts, company outings, and more.  Visit the official Facebook page of the event, New England Quahog Festival, to learn more and buy your tickets.

wicked w

As we pass through summer and into fall, October in Wickford means the Wickford Wicked Week 1/2.  This has been a yearly tradition for my kids and I.  The Horribles Parade, pumpkin decorating in Updike Park, Wicked Bingo, merchants decorating the stores in the most creative ways imaginable.  Plus Ghost Tours, Tim Cranston, and the Halloween spirit on every sidewalk, street corner, cafe, and shoppe.  For more information, visit The Wickford Village Facebook Page or go to www.wickfordvillage.com.  Stay tuned for a featured blog on the Wickford Wicked Week 1/2 later this month.

Fall is a busy time with sports, kids going back to school, maybe parents going back to school or work.  This series of fun events provide a welcome dose of stress relief and help build community pride.  The merchants of Wickford Village will be open special hours during these events, so make sure you shop local.  And thank you to the coordinators, volunteers, merchants, and community leaders of North Kingstown for your efforts in making the present and future of North Kingstown a positive one.


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