This View Never Gets Old – Summer Edition

Professional tennis players and fans have made their way to Flushing, NY and the United States Open.  Lifeguards are exchanging phone numbers and emails in between taking down swimming lanes and packing up lifeguard chairs.  College football games have started to dominate Saturday’s sports calendar.  A familiar school bus is parked in front of my neighbor’s driveway.  The term “orientation” no longer refers to navigating your way through the campground.  What do all of these signs point to?  Well, I’m not going to say it out loud.  Let’s just say, that a certain season is nearing an end and another is right around the corner.  But, before we close up the pools, unpack the sweatshirts, sign the medical forms for school, and lament over not getting to the beach one last time, here are 5 views from this summer that will never get old to me.

beach summer

This summer in Wickford, the summer concert series shifted 100% to the North Kingstown Town Beach.  I was lucky enough to catch several shows, each one filled with great music, food trucks, and a great mix of locals and visitors.  The Town of North Kingstown, via the North Kingstown Arts Council, brought us a wide range of musical talents and styles.  With the help of the North Kingstown Police Department, music lovers got to and from the events safely and without incident.  As a lifelong fan of the Town Beach, music, and Wickford, these concerts were a welcomed site and one of my favorite views this summer.

kayak narrow

Kayaking on Narrow River never gets old for me.  If you own a kayak or rent one, Narrow River is a great spot to see a ton of amazing views.  One of them is the bridge which spans the Narrow River and serves as a pseudo gateway to the Narragansett Beach area.  Just down the river from this bridge, boats of various sizes park and the scene is really awesome.  Swimmers, families having cookouts, fishing, jet skis, and more can be seen on both sides of the bridge.  On a clear day in the summer, this view is just incredible.

jamestown at night

Jamestown on a summer night satisfies all of my senses.  The delightful smells of fresh seafood and other delicacies from restaurants lining Narragansett Avenue, blues and jazz filling the air from “The Ganny,” grabbing an ice cream and walking down to the wooden, splintered docks of the Jamestown Marina.  And the view of neighboring Newport at night is spectacular.  The boats bobbing in the marina, the Newport Bridge lit up, the lights from hotels and night life of Newport.  Standing on the docks, with an ice cream, soaking it all in with a loved one, in the summer, in Jamestown is just priceless.

newport at night

And speaking of Newport, the sights and sounds of this summer destination never get old.  The downtown area of Newport – America’s Cup Avenue, Thames St. Lower Thames St. – is filled every summer season with tourists, boating enthusiasts, tennis enthusiasts, nightlifers, and more.  It is a people watcher’s dream.  The fashion do’s, the fashion don’ts, the accents of visitors from New York or Austin, Texas or London, the kids, the couples, the Navy, people from just about all walks of life.  Find a park bench in town, grab a Del’s lemonade or a latte from one of the street cafes, and you will feel like you are on a movie set.  This one is more personal than others because I love human interaction, especially in this modern world of texting, emails, and non-verbal communication.  To me, this view never gets old.

jamestown summer

Fort Wetherill in Jamestown has my vote for some of the best views in Rhode Island.  Go during the day to enjoy the beach, scuba dive, fish, or have a family outing.  Go at night to see one of the most amazing views of the stars above.  Take one of the walking trails or climb up (safely) onto the cliffs to see more of Jamestown Island and parts of Newport.  The cliffs, the walking trails, the beach areas are all so inviting and really make me feel like a kid again.  The views of watching my family enjoy Fort Wetherill as much as I did when I was a kid are what summers in Rhode Island are all about.  Passing down the traditions of enjoying nature and the simple life are so important to me.

I hope you enjoyed summer as much as I did.  When I look back at these photos, I will remember the great times with loved ones, friends, and strangers.  For me, the views of summer in Rhode Island never get old.

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  1. As I grow older I write it all down, not just to look back and remember, but to look forward to it all again. It never gets old and stale.

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