The Labor Day Holiday weekend typically drives people to the beaches of Rhode Island for one last beach hoorah before school starts.  Even though the official end of summer doesn’t fall until late September, most view the Labor Day weekend as the end of summer.  The weather in New England in September is as varied as any part of the year – humidity, high temperatures one day and gusty winds, heavy rains another.  With the hurricane season producing storms from A to Z in late August to October, sometimes Mother Nature puts an unexpected spin on Labor Day weekend plans like cookouts, festivals, and that last coveted trip to the beach.


This year, Hurricane Hermine came to New England for a visit.  Hermine produced heavy winds, rain, flooding in some areas, dangerous rip currents, and more.  Needless to say, Hurricane Hermine caused a lot of Labor Day plans to cancel.  Based on past storms.  Hermine was not as destructive and by most experts was downgraded to a tropical storm.  Still dangerous as a storm but certainly not as bad as other hurricanes that have caused tons of damage, power outages, and more to New England.

Rookie and Nora, my two weimaraners, aka “The Adventure Crew” along with Rachel and myself decided to brave the winds of Hermine and go for a hike at Goddard State Park.  The parking lot at the beach was filled and spectators lined the beach to watch the waves crash against the shore.  The wind was intense, sand was flying in all directions, there were downed trees, and the trees still standing swayed back and forth as if they were blades of grass.  There is always a great view of Greenwich Bay at Goddard Park State Beach and this past Labor Day was no exception.


The Adventure Crew made it down to a familiar spot at the very end of Goddard Park State Beach.   There is a jetty that provides an awesome view of East Greenwich, the railroad tracks, the marina, restaurants and houses along the water, and of course marine life.  Depending on the tide, the dogs and I can usually make it all the way to end of the jetty.  The agility of these dogs is on full display as they traverse onto each rock, some closer than others, some underwater at times.  On a large rock about 20 yards out from the jetty, there is a bird hangout with anywhere from 5 to 10 seagulls. Rookie could care less about the birds, but Nora is very interested and calls out to the birds to come and visit.


Back at the beach, Rachel and I flipped over rocks to show the Adventure Crew some crabs.  These crabs proved to be too quick for the dogs and quickly skirted under other rocks for cover.   After several attempts and failures, The Adventure Crew was ready for a change of scenery.  There is a small beach on the other side of the jetty which leads to a hiking trail.  These hiking trails are frequented by joggers, walkers, cyclists, horses, families, and other dogs so we made sure the dogs were leased.  Once on the hiking trail, the wind was a non-factor.

The dogs love these trails.  They are so eager to run off and explore but we keep them on their leashes for their safety and the safety of others.

goddard tree

On this hike, we spotted a tree that had fallen between the limbs of another tree in the forest.  Mother Nature’s plan and it was a really cool sight.


All in all, it was a great hike on Labor Day.  Despite the high winds at times, the weather in general was very mild and comfortable to hike in.  The Adventure Crew loves it at Goddard Park and we look forward to another visit there, in all types of weather.