The Schwinn Backdraft – The Sit Down Bike With Wind Resistance

Schwinn has a century old reputation for quality in the sporting goods and bicycle industry.  In the 1980’s through the early part of the 2000’s, Schwinn’s Fitness division made exercise machines for residences, health clubs, hotels, schools, and other facilities.  One of those products, The Airdyne, became of the most sought after machines because of its unique wind resistance and dual action motion (arms and legs exercising at the same time).  The Airdyne model typically refers to an upright bike.  In addition to the upright bike, Schwinn Fitness produced a recumbent Airdyne, The Airdyne Backdraft.


The Backdraft is a recumbent style exercise bike.  Recumbent in the fitness equipment industry refers to a piece of equipment which you can sit down, with back support, to exercise on.  Unlike traditional upright bikes with no back support, recumbent bikes offer support for those exercisers with bad backs who have trouble staying upright for long periods of time.  To create a comfortable exercise session, the seat is adjustable back and forth to accommodate a user from about 5′ to well over 6′ in height.  The seat adjusts and locks into place, so it stays in place while you exercise.


Most exercise bikes are designed to work against resistance.  Resistance can come from a wide range of brakes – magnetic or felt or hydraulic – which allows the user to change the level of intensity to meet their exercise needs.  The Schwinn Airdyne Backdraft uses wind resistance as well as a twist grip shifter to give you a wide range of resistance.  The twist grip is located just underneath the console and allows the user to increase or decrease their intensities “on the fly.”  The wind resistance comes from a specially designed wind carriage underneath the exercise bike, which has curved fans to draw wind in.  The wind resistance changes when you pedal faster.  The faster you pedal, the harder the resistance.


Other features of the Schwinn Airdyne Backdraft include:

  • Transport wheels for easy mobility
  • Programmable console with feedback such as time, distance, calories, and more
  • Easy On/Off design with low step through height – This is important for those with less than satisfactory hip flexion.  Easy to get on the bike, easy to get off
  • Compact design – 56″ L X 24″ W
  • Steel construction will hold up to a commercial setting or busy home gym


I have a Schwinn Airdyne Backdraft in my ebay store that I am selling for $299.  It is a great bike for all levels of fitness.  If you are interested in learning more about this bike, or would like to try it out, give me a call at 401-583-7171.


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