End of the Summer Season Means Great Deals on Sporting Goods, Boats

As the thermometer makes its way down the pipe from summer to fall temperatures, outdoor activities start to wind down.  Summer months, especially here in Southern New England, are filled with camping, boating, tennis, and all sorts of outdoor fun.  And when the summer season is over, it is time to pack up that camper, pull the boat out of the marina, and zip up the case to those tennis racquets.  Or, in some cases, it is time to sell off unused sporting and camping gear to make room in the garage or in the yard.


Ebay and Craigslist are a great websites to move items, both locally in your area as well as to a national audience of buyers.  Sporting goods can be used year round in some areas of the country. Boating season doesn’t stop in September in places down south unlike here in the Northeast.   Fishing trips, tennis matches, and camping are still actively going on and those outdoor enthusiasts can be a great match for your sporting goods.  If you need help deciding which site works best for your gear, send me an email with a description or photo of your item.


Here are a few items I am listing for customers this fall:


As always, make sure you are listing your item accurately.  Include the model number, manufacturer, and the current condition of the item.  If you have paperwork like titles and registrations, those are great selling tools as well.  Take plenty of photos from different angles.  Take a moment and price shop your item against others selling similar items.  Don’t over price your item, it will be much harder to move against similar items priced lower.  If you are selling items and need help, give my office a call.  401-583-7171 or fill out the contact form below and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

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