Bienvenidos a la Moon Palace, Es Nuestro Placer Servirle.

Welcome to the Moon Palace Golf and Spa Resort.  It is our pleasure to serve you.  This sentiment rings true from the second you drive onto the massive hotel complex that is the Moon Palace Golf and Spa Resort in picturesque Cancun, Mexico.  Your experience starts as soon as you exit your cab, rental car, or hotel provided transportation.  Waiting for you as soon as you step foot onto the luxurious property are cool towels and a carnation to say, “Welcome, it is our pleasure.”  The cool towels and carnation just ooze great customer service and are guaranteed to bring to a smile to any traveler, no matter how long his or her journey that day from home was.  Every staff person greets you with “Hola” or “Good Afternoon” or “Hello, welcome.”  Every single one, and there are tons of friendly staff at the greeting area.  The hotel staff then escorts you to the greeting area, where you learn about your stay and the amenities of the hotel.

As you walk through the spacious lobby, with the beautiful local flowers and artwork, you continue to be greeted with “Welcome” and “It is our pleasure.”  As you sit with your hotel representative to go over your week, you are greeted with a complimentary glass of champagne.  The staff is friendly, smiles and laughs with you, is warm and honest.  The hotel representatives of the Moon Palace have every detail covered and make sure you are 100% informed of all of the amenities, restaurants, pools, services that your week can and will include.  The staff has great brochures and information sheets, maps, and other printed materials to help you understand just how special the Moon Palace Golf and Spa Resort is.


Once you are checked in and your room assignment has been given, a friendly staff person escorts you to your room, opens the door for you and places your bags where you would like.  Every step of the way, “it is our pleasure” or “how can I help you” or “have a beautiful day” is being said by the staff.  In the hallways, in the courtyard, in the lobby, in the greeting area – no matter where you are at the Moon Palace Golf and Spa Resort, you will feel welcomed.



Noel P. Roby, editor of the North Kingstown Blog, is proud to promote the Palace Resort Vacations.   If you would like information about the Moon Palace Spa and Golf Resort, please email me or fill out the contact form provided.

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