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Growing up in the pre-internet, pre-Sportscenter era, I learned about sports figures of the past through books, newspapers, and more importantly word of mouth.  My grandfather was an ardent sports fan – tennis, football, and most of all, golf.  And his favorite golfer, Arnold Palmer.  To my grandfather, Arnold Palmer represented the caddie, the scratch golfer, the local public course champion, the novice golfer.  Arnold Palmer was a golf legend for the people.  His legion of fans became known as “Arnie’s Army” and would follow Palmer from course to course in record numbers.  When I would visit my grandparents in Berlin, CT and a golf tournament was on, especially one that involved Arnold Palmer, my grandfather would be glued to the TV and would tell me tons and tons of stories about his golf hero.  Better than any blog or Sportscenter piece or Sports Illustrated article, my grandfather spoke from the heart when he spoke about Arnold Palmer.


My grandfather passed away several years ago.  When I heard the news recently that Arnold Palmer had passed, it immediately made me think of my grandfather.  Perhaps, those two golfers will meet up there, on some golf course together and play a round or two together and swap stories.  I think that would make me, my family, and of course my grandfather extremely happy.

Being in the business of selling items on ebay, I get to meet a lot of interesting sellers.  I was introduced to a local sports collector who himself had a personal connection to Arnold Palmer.  His name is Greg Henderson.  Greg has an incredible collection of sports memorabilia – from Muhammad Ali to old baseball cards to golf legends such as Arnold Palmer.  Greg told me the story of how he and his father met up with one of Arnold Palmer’s inner circle, a dentist named Howdy Giles at a golf tournament in Newport, RI.  Dr. Giles had become more than just the dentist for Arnold Palmer.  He became a close friend who accompanied Arnold Palmer to tournaments, charity events, even to the White House.  Henderson and Giles exchanged information and formed a relationship that would produce several years of signed sports memorabilia.


In Greg’s collection of sports memorabilia are signed magazines, books, action figures, Wheaties boxes, and more.  Here are some examples of items I am listing for Mr. Henderson:


Each signed item comes with a letter from Howdy Giles about the signing of the item.  Items are on auction on my ebay store.  These signed Arnold Palmer books, magazines, and other items will make a great holiday present to the golfer in your office, your home, or your local golf course.  Items can be shipped or picked up.   For more information on this set of Arnold Palmer memorabilia, please contact me at or fill out the contact form and I will get back to you in a timely manner.

To go to the ebay store link with this and other items, go to The NK Marketing Store on ebay.


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