The Beach Bar Experience At The Moon Palace Golf and Spa Resort

On the property of the gorgeous Moon Palace Golf and Spa Resort in Cancun, Mexico you have the amazing option of sitting by one of the lagoon or infinity pools or relaxing on a white sandy beach.   Each section of the resort – Sunrise, Nizuc, and Grand – offer the guest accommodations poolside or at the beach including comfortable seating, umbrellas to block the sun, drinks and food served by friendly staff, and all those unbelievable views of the Caribbean Sea.  Quite the dilemma, I know.  Both the pool and beach areas were clean, relaxing, and just stress reducing in every way.

vip-mpOne of my favorite spots at the Moon Palace was the beach bar at the Sunrise Lobby, which was located just off the walkway and next to Palapa Frigata restaurant.  As stated earlier, wheelchair ramps and stairs to the beach were prominently marked so the beach area could be accessible for all guests.  With my aunt’s membership, we were able to sit in the VIP section of the beach, which was a special section of the beach area.  I visited this beach bar early in the morning and got some fantastic shots of the sunrise on the water.  Quite a scene.  Covered  and sun protective seating was available along with end tables for food or drinks.  Or, you could take yourself out into the hot sun and relax on one of the lounge chairs.


Rachel and I visited the beach bar on one occasion and we got to meet Emilio and Amanddy, two staffers working at the bar.  Both Emilio and Amanddy spoke very good English and we talked about the US, Mexico, the Mayan culture, kids, and sports.  It felt great connecting with them on many, many levels of conversation.  Plus, I picked up a number of Spanish words and phrases. I know just a little bit of Spanish, but Emilio and Amanddy were very patient with me.  It was a busy bar and I was impressed at how smooth and efficient everyone was.


The coolest feature of this beach bar for me had to be the swing seats.  There were swing seats along with traditional bar stools but the swing seats were definitely more my style. Sipping a Corona, swinging at the bar, having great conversations with Emilio and Amanddy and Rachel – it was just a perfect way to spend a day in Cancun.  This beach bar was, without a doubt, one of my favorite parts of my trip to the gorgeous Moon Palace Golf and Spa Resort.

The North Kingstown Marketing Company is proud to promote the Palace Resorts group.  Stay tuned for more articles about the resort, its incredible amenities, restaurants, and staff.  To find out more about the Palace Resorts in Mexico or Jamaica, please contact me for more information.


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