The Moon Palace’s Wired Teen Lounge – The Ultimate Playroom For Teens

With countless pools, activities, and fun at the Moon Palace, finding something to do is not a challenge.  However, if you are travelling to the Moon Palace with teenage children who are accustomed to hours of video games and TV as their entertainment, you are in luck.  Located in the Sunrise Lobby is a very interesting room called the Wired Teens Lounge.  This is a room made for kids of all ages, but targets the teen population.


Inside Wired, you will find every electronic device, every TV show, every game your teenager knows and loves.  Love to play pool?  There are several pool tables.  Love videos games?  There is a video game center with every device imaginable and tons of games.  Love arcade games? Wired has you covered.



There is a snack and drink station staffed by friendly Palace Resorts attendants.  There is a menu for kids, a soda fountain, they can make you snack while you enjoy a game of pool or your favorite video game.  How about ice cream?  Every teenager loves ice cream!!!  Wired has tables and chairs set up cafe-style or you can take your snacks with you.  And, like other Moon Palace restaurants, cafes, and snack stations, food and drinks and snacks are all included in your stay.


Kids 13 to 18 are welcome to use Wired without the supervision of an adult.  13 and under required adult supervision.  It is designed to be a safe and healthy area for teens, so there is no smoking or alcohol allowed in the Wired Teens Lounge.  The hours of operation are clearly marked outside the door on a revolving sign which rotates from English to Spanish instructions.  It is well lit with fun, energetic lighting.  There is plenty of space for kids to feel free to move around.


Although Rachel and I didn’t travel with our kids this time to the Moon Palace, we both realized that if we did, the Wired Teens Lounge would become a favorite spot for our kids.  It has a snack and drink station which also serves ice cream.  There are plenty of video games, TV’s, and video game systems to satisfy the novice to expert gamer.  There are pool tables and basketball “pop a shot” machines.  Great lighting, great energy, and really fun atmosphere for kids.  And a safe place for kids to go and be kids.  The Wired Teens Lounge is just another example of the Palace Resorts want and desire to make your family vacation the most memorable one you will ever go on.

The North Kingstown Marketing Company is proud to promote the Palace Resorts group.  Stay tuned for more articles about the resort, its incredible amenities, restaurants, and staff.  To find out more about the Palace Resorts in Mexico or Jamaica, please contact me for more information.

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