The Indoor Cycling Bike – An Excellent Workout Option For New England Winters

New England weather is, to put it mildly, very unpredictable.  Let’s take the past week – we had temperatures in the 50’s, 30’s, and close to zero degrees.  If you are an avid cyclist who loves riding year round, winter can reek havoc on your cycling plans.  This is why indoor cycling bikes have become of one of the most popular forms of exercise.  I have owned an indoor cycling bike for about 15 years and have used it for cardio, rehabilitation, and overall fitness.


An indoor cycling bike has several body size adjustments to help fit anyone from roughly 4 feet tall to almost 7 feet tall.  They have weighted flywheels which help to simulate riding a bike outside. Each bike has some type of resistance – brake, felt pad, magnetic resistance – to give you the option to increase the intensity of your workout.  Here are some of the main features of an indoor cycling bike:

  • Handlebar adjustment

  • Seat adjustment back and forth

  • Saddle height adjustment up and down

  • Weighted flywheel makes you feel like riding outside

  • Braking systems allows you to change intensity



  • Steel frame construction for heavy use and high durability

  • Compact, smaller than a standard size road bike

I use my indoor cycling bike in front of the TV to watch football or the evening news.  It is one of the most dependable pieces of equipment in the fitness equipment industry.  There are no consoles or electronics or plugs.  There are adjustments for seat height, saddle depth (distance from the seat to the handlebars), and handlebar height.  Indoor cycling bikes are relatively quiet and relatively maintenance free.  The indoor cycling bike makes a great addition to a existing home fitness setup or can be the primary piece of equipment in a smaller space like an apartment.

For more information on the Star Trac Spinner Pro model, which is shown in the photos of this blog article, please contact me for pricing and availability.   I have a number of these bikes for sale, so please inquire about pricing, delivery service, and availability.  You can email me directly at thenkmarketing or send me a message through the contact form attached to this article.

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