The Cybex 620A Arc Trainer – A Slimmer Version of a Legend

A few years back, I wrote about one of my favorite workout machines – The Cybex 600A Arc Trainer.  It was the first machine I had ever used that combined the movements of a stepper, elliptical, even a treadmill in one machine.  The rare combination of a wide range of resistance levels coupled with the ability to change the incline level made the Arc Trainer a legend in my mind.  And, it was one of the best calorie burning workout machines I had ever used.  It was truly a legendary product that put Cybex products in thousands of fitness centers, hotels, and homes in the early 2000’s.

cyb 620dA few years after production of the Cybex 600A, Cybex came out with the next evolution of lower body Arc Trainers – the 620A.  The Cybex 620A had very similar features to the 600A.  Each has a fully programmable console.  Each has contact heart rate sensors or can be used in association with a heart rate strap.  Each had tons of resistance levels.  Each has the incline feature which allows the user to change motions from a stepper to an elliptical to a hiker to almost a running stride.  Both Cybex Arc Trainers – 600A and 620A – are incredible cardio workouts.

cyb 620e

The Cybex 620A does have some differences from its predecessor, the 600A, that are worth noting.  First off, the appearance is close but not quite the same.  The Cybex 620A has one long extended handrail that starts above the console and continues down to where your body is most likely positioned.  The 600A featured two sets of handrails which were more upright in style – one near the console and the other set back towards where the user might be positioned.  Second, the heart rate sensors on the 620A are located on the handrails, in a very common landing position for your hands.  The heart rate sensors on the Cybex 600A where located just below the console, not a very common place for hand positioning.

Another important difference between the Cybex 600A and the newer 620A is size.  The 600A featured a footprint of 70″ long by 32″ in width.  The newer 620A featured a footprint of 82″ long by just 30″ in width.  This more narrow, sleeker design allowed for easier delivery and installation of the Cybex Arc Trainer, especially in facilities or homes with more narrow openings or doorways.  The overall weight of the two Arc Trainers is close but the newer 620A is heavier, which typically translates into a more durable unit.  Also, the Cybex 600A is a plug in unit, a standard grounded outlet is required.  The newer Cybex 620A has the optional power source but can be used as a self generating machine.  Self generating machines run on their own power source.  This is a huge electrical savings and makes the newer Cybex 620A a very desireable unit for busy fitness centers.

cyb 620

Both the Cybex 600A and the newer Cybex 620A Arc Trainers feature lower body movement only.  Both units have a programmable console which allows you to use a pre-set program or just use the machine on a manual setting.  Both units have enough resistance levels to satisfy a novice, a professional athlete, a busy mom, and a weekend warrior exerciser.  Both the Cybex 600A and the 620A feature an incline option which allows the user to change their motion from a stepper to a hiker to an elliptical just by the touch of a button.  Although there are some physical and electrical differences in the 600A and 620A, each is considered to be commercially durable and highly effective for burning calories and making you feel great.

For more information on the Cybex 620A featured in the photos of this blog article, contact the North Kingstown Marketing Company for pricing and availability.  You can email me at thenkmarketing or fill out the contact form provided.


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