The Cybex 770T Treadmill – Performance, Style, Durability

Cybex International, now part of the Life Fitness group, has been producing quality cardio and strength equipment for decades.  I was first introduced to Cybex products at Springfield College, which had a student fitness center which included Cybex bikes, treadmills, and benches.  Being in the fitness industry for close to 20 years, I have seen Cybex products in hotels, personal training studios, apartments, health clubs big and small, as well as home gym settings.  They are are a company that always produces products which are stylish, innovative, and durable.

Cybex 770t

Cybex treadmills have always ranked highly on the list of club owners, runners, and fitness enthusiasts.  And the Cybex 770T is another example of quality construction, innovative design, and high performance machinery.  The Cybex 770T is a commercial grade treadmill, so it can hold up to the hours of daily use at a health club setting.  It has a cushioned running surface which measures an impressive 60″ X 22″.  It features an easy to use and operate console, which can be used to program a workout and provide workout statistics during your workout.  The Cybex 770T’s frame is just a few inches off the ground, making it easy for exercisers of all abilities to get on and off the machine.  Style wise, it is a sleek and modern looking machine.

cybex 770t2

The Cybex 770T has a number of pre-set programs, or you can simply press the start button and go.  Programs can be adjusted for time, speed, some of them incline levels to accommodate the beginner exerciser to the marathon runner.  It has a speed range of less than 1 mph to over 12 mph.  12 mph is the equivalent to running a 5 minute mile.  Very fast indeed.  The elevation starts at 0% and has a maximum elevation of 15%.  By varying the speed and elevation, you can change the intensity of your workout with just the touch of a few buttons.  The console provides you with your time, distance, calories burned, as well as your heart rate.  There are heart rate sensors just below the console for your hands to grip.  Or you can elect to wear a wireless chest strap to monitor your heart rate.  The Cybex 770T has plenty of features and programs to keep you motivated.

cybex 770t3

cybex 770t1

One of the interesting features of the Cybex 770T is the touch screen console, which is about 4″ in display size.  This touch screen also lets you connect your Ipod or Iphone device via a USB connection so you can listen to your favorite music, watch a video, or TV show.  You can use this touch screen to start the machine, choose a program, and adjust the settings of your workout.

cybex 770t4

Using a treadmill is a great alternative to walking or running outside, especially if you exercise on pavement.  The Cybex 770T offers a great design to absorb your body and your body’s ground reaction force when landing during the walking or running movement.  Specially designed cushion zones are set up throughout the treadmills deck and frame to provide you with the best cushioning possible, no matter if you are walking, jogging, running, or sprinting.  The system is called the IS3, which stands for Intelligent Suspension System.  I know from selling Cybex over the years to runners, it is one of the best treadmills to provide just the right amount of suspension during running without being too soft or “spongy.”

cybex 770t6

The Cybex 770T treadmill is another addition to the legacy of quality and innovative treadmills Cybex has produced.  It has a cushioned, comfortable walking or running deck which measures 60″ in length.  The Cybex 770T has touch screen controls for programming speed, elevation, and personal settings.  You can use an IPod or IPhone to enhance your workout with the connection to this Cybex 770T treadmill.  It is a durable, stylish, and innovative piece of fitness equipment which is fit for a health club, personal training studio, or home gym setting.  One of the best and most durable I have come across in my many years in the fitness equipment industry.

To learn more about the Cybex 770T, please contact me at the North Kingstown Marketing Company.  I have inventory of this Cybex 770T and I can go over pricing, availability, shipping, and more with you.  Feel free to reach me at thenkmarketing@gmail.com or simply fill out the contact form and I will get back to you promptly.


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