Off Season Baseball Tips From Matt Finlayson of Ocean State Waves

In my quest to learn more about off season baseball conditioning and activities, I connected with local friend and Ocean State Waves President/GM, Matt Finlayson.  Matt and the Ocean State Waves are hosting their 4th Annual Black Tie and Jeans fundraiser event to benefit the Waves and their extended baseball families. Here is Matt on off season workouts for our youth baseball rising stars:

The difficult part about baseball in the Northeast is that we do not have all year to train outside so we are forced to come up with ways to prepare inside during the winter.  Splitting cage time with a few friends is usually affordable and can be fun.  Make sure to not take too many reps and focus more on quality than quantity. If you can’t make it to a facility, the best thing to do is to find a used net and hang it in the garage or basement as long as the ceiling is high enough.  With this set up, an individual player can do tee work and go through some throwing progression lightly by tossing into the net.  Players should be working on flexibility to prevent injury and stay active with other sports to build athleticism.  Playing hockey, basketball or running track all have translatable athletic movements to the game of baseball.  Best of luck and make sure to have fun as it is a game after all!

waves black tie

Thanks Matt.  We look forward to seeing you and the Ocean State Waves this summer.  And for those interested, The 4th Annual Black Tie and Jeans Fundraiser is being held Friday, March 3 at the Towers in Narragansett.  It features live music, great local food, networking with local businesses, as well as a meet and greet with Waves staff and players.  For tickets and information, go to the official website of the Waves –

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