Rhode Island Power Yoga Helps Local Student’s Senior Project

Rhode Island Power Yoga (RIPY for short) is going to be hosting a charity event for North Kingstown High School senior Ryan O’Donnell’s senior project on Pulmonary Fibrosis Awareness.  I was interested to learn more about the yoga studio and their involvement with the charity event.  I recently stopped by Rhode Island Power Yoga’s studio here in North Kingstown and spoke with one of the owners, Renee Deslauriers.


“His sisters (meaning Ryan’s sisters) come to the studio,” mentioned Renee when I asked about the connection between RIPY and Ryan.  “They have been asking Ryan to come into the studio to learn more about breathing and focus of breath.”  Renee went on to mention that Ryan and her son, also a senior at NKHS are friends and it was a very positive arrangement for RIPY to help.  “We have a wonderful community of students of all ages,” Renee said “And I strongly feel that a yoga class here is very beneficial to kids my son and Ryan’s age.  Especially when it comes to focus.”  Renee also mentioned that RIPY is very involved with a number of charities and local causes.  “This particular cause, involving the lungs, is a logical connection to our studio, our mindset here at RIPY.”


I asked Renee for an explanation of “awareness of breath” which was a major theme in Ryan’s senior project.  “I love this question,” started Renee, “so we are talking about focusing on breathing here.” She explained that focusing on breathing is focusing on what is happening right now, right at that moment in the class.  “Yes, we bring in baggage and work and family issues.  Those are constants for most.  We want you to focus on you, your postural awareness, your lungs filling up with air, then feeling the weight release as you exhale.”  For someone with a physical disorder, such as Pulmonary Fibrosis, this is certainly a challenge at times.  So, the awareness of breath and the focus of breathing are key elements in the yoga classes taught at RIPY.  The goal is steady and consistent and focused breathing for the most positive results.

As Renee and I sat in the lobby of Rhode Island Power Yoga, there was an afternoon class taking place.  The studio, according to Renee, can host up to 70 people for a class.   Class schedules, teachers, and studio photos can be found on their website, www.rhodeislandpoweryoga.com.  You can see additional photos of classes and read more on their Facebook page, Rhode Island Power Yoga.  You are encouraged to bring a towel, yoga mat, and water bottle to class.   For the month of February, your first class is free if you are new to RIPY.  For more information on this great local studio with a ton of positive vibes, call Renee at 401.500.5168.  The charity event for Pulmonary Fibrosis is April 2nd at 6:30 pm.  To learn more about that event, you can email Ryan O’Donnell at ryan_odonnell@students.nksd.net.


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