The North Kingstown Blog Endorses the Shark Rotator True Pet Vacuum

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Vacuum cleaners have evolved like most household appliances over the years.  I cut my teeth as a youth with your standard Electrolux, a little powerhouse on wheels that had a retractable cord that was quite dangerous if you didn’t pay attention when it recoiled.  It certainly did the job and had many nozzle attachments for the stairs, corners, carpets, and wooden floors of my mother’s 10 room home.  Of all the chores growing up, I would say vacuuming the house was one of the more enjoyable.  I especially like to vacuum after the Christmas tree was removed and loved the sound of the pine needles being scooped up.

Fast forward to my own house and its cast of messy characters – my kids, my dogs, and the messiest of the bunch, yours truly.  In this house, Rachel and I need a powerful asset to help keep the house clean and presentable.  And that asset is the Shark Rotator Power Lift True Pet Vacuum.  This vacuum is on a whole other level of ease of use, performance, and reliability when it comes to vacuums.  It has a lightweight design with rotator wheels that glide easily on a hardwood floor.  Going from hardwood to carpet is a cinch, just push the controls to the carpet setting and you are seamlessly changing your cleaning surface.

Want to avoid cleaning under the bureaus, tables, and bookcases guys?  Because you have to move things right?  Well, with the Shark Rotator Power Lift True Pet Vacuum, it is no extra effort.  Trust me, I was the worst offender when it came to moving things while vacuuming.  All you do with the Shark is just lift away the dirt container and the vacuum’s sleek design does the rest.  So get under those bookshelves, go for the bread crumbs you swipe off the counter next to the stove, even over by your turntable!!!  All those places will now get cleaned with this wonder of the cleaning world.

The Shark Rotator Power Lift True Pet Vacuum is ideal for pets and those with allergies.  It has anti-allergen complete seal technology, plus HEPA / Washable Filters.  The front lights make it easy to spot dirt, dog hair, last night’s sleepover chips, last week’s sleepover chips, last month’s forgotten dirt under those tough to see areas (tough to see because we didn’t move items out of the way).  The lift away container for the dirt opens and closes with ease.  Everything is marked and that makes it even more enjoyable to use.  The power cord is long enough to allow for at least two rooms of cleaning without that annoying unplugging, plugging back in nonsense.  Those “nonsenses” disrupt and frustrate vacuum sessions.

The Shark Rotator Power Lift True Pet Vacuum is an awesome cleaning machine.  Couches, stairs, hardwood, mats that the dogs lay on all day, the front of the fireplace, the kitchen underneath the island – these areas are no match for the Shark.  The Shark pushes through with flying colors and gets the house really clean.  It is lightweight, easy to use and operate, has a cool headlight, and makes cleaning an absolutely wicked fun time.  I highly recommend The Shark Rotator Power Lift True Pet Vacuum and use it with a big smile on my face.

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  1. Feel free it try it out in a house that IF you can move it, it might not be able to be moved back.

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