The Precor Stretch Trainer – Flexibility Training Done Right

According to WebMd ( the definition of flexibility in fitness is “the ability to move joints through a range of motion.”  For most exercisers, flexibility training takes a back seat to more popular forms of training such as cardio, strength, and sports conditioning training.  However, without flexibility in fitness, performance goals for running, bench press, catching a fly ball, or even tying your shoes can be much harder to achieve.  Incorporating flexibility into your exercise routine is a positive step to a healthier you.

For years, Precor Fitness has manufactured a compact stretching bench called the Precor Stretch Trainer.  This Precor Stretch Trainer has no electronics, cords, or adjustments.  It is a simple, straight forward approach to stretching and I think it is one of the best benches in the fitness industry.

First off, it is very compact.  The footprint is about 4 feet long by 2 feet wide.  There are rubber “feet” on one end and rubber bumpers on the front end, which serve as feet and shock absorbers. There is a padded seat and padded knee/kneeling area.  Behind the seat, there are two rotating foot pedals.  In front of the seat, there are curved handlebars which you grab hold of to perform the various stretches. There is an exercise placard which has a list of stretches with diagrams and muscles groups involved.  It is a well built, commercial made bench.

To perform the stretches, position yourself on the Stretch Trainer by straddling the seat pad.  Sit comfortably on the seat pad while kneeling with leg on either side of the pad, almost like straddling a motorcycle or snowmobile seat.  Then, grab the handlebars and lean your body weight back to a comfortable stretch.  If you are unfamiliar with how to stretch or how far to stretch or how long to stretch for, please consult a certified fitness professional.  When you are finished with your stretch, pull yourself back to the starting position and exit the bench.  Repeat your stretch or try another muscle group.  You can stretch just about every muscle group in your body on this compact Precor Stretch Trainer.

Adding a stretching program in your exercise routine can really make a positive difference.  Consult with a certified fitness professional if you are unfamiliar with this bench or need assistance on stretching principles and good practices.  This Precor Stretch Trainer really makes stretching fun and easy.  It has a moving seat, plenty of comfortable padding, a great exercise placard with stretching ideas, and is commercially built.  I highly recommend this Precor Stretch Trainer for athletes, young and old, as well as sedentary or rehabbing exercisers.

If you are interested in learning more about the Precor Stretch Trainer or would like to purchase one, I have a pre-owned model I am selling in my ebay store.  Feel free to call me at 401-533-0913 or email me at for pricing and availability.

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