The Cybex PG 400 Multi Gym – A Best in Class Fitness Machine

For the busy professional and/or parent who loves to work out at the gym, a personal home gym has always been a great option.  For years, homeowners have cleared out their garage or basement to make room for a piece of strength equipment that will get them results like the smith machine, strength circuit or functional trainer at the gym.  Space, ceiling height, and the overall strength training experience are often times the greatest challenges for the homeowner who purchases strength equipment for their home.  In my 20 plus years of selling fitness equipment, I believe there is one personal home gym that rises above the competition on space, ceiling height, exercises you can perform, and durability.  And that home gym is the Cybex PG 400.

The Cybex PG 400 has a great footprint.  It fits like an “L” into one corner of your workout room, basement, garage.  The ceiling height is just under 84″, which accommodates most houses with basements or rooms with low ceilings.  The unit comes apart for easy delivery and installation.  And it bolts together to form a sturdy, durable, commercial grade quality home gym.

There are two stations on the Cybex PG 400.  Each station has a number of exercises.  There is only one weight stack, so only one user can be working out on the machine while it is in use.  The exercises work via a cable and pulley system, which each station has.  The cable and pulley system run through the machine and back to the weight stack.  When you push and pull on this Cybex PG 400, the weight stack provides the resistance.  Select a weight that is appropriate for your level of fitness.  If you are unsure of what weight to use, consult a certified fitness professional.

The two stations of the Cybex PG 400 will give you a complete, full body strength and conditioning workout.  There is a leg extension, standing leg curl station with user defined handles for a chest fly or rear deltoid exercise.  Also, there is a high pulley which can be used for a lat pulldown or triceps extension exercise.  On the other station, there is an adjustable bench which goes from 0 degrees to almost 90 degrees.  In addition, there is an adjustable press arm which allows the user to perform exercises such as bench press, shoulder press, incline press, and more.  By adjusting the bench and press arm together, you can create a wide range of exercise combinations.  There is a low pulley for back rows and arm curls.  Remove the bench, adjust the press arm and create standing exercises such as squats and calf raises.  This Cybex PG 400 is like having 50 machines at your home.

Whether you are a novice exerciser or someone that has worked out for years, strength training is a very important component to your overall health and fitness.  The Cybex PG 400 gives you a ton of exercise options for upper body including chest press, lat pulldown, arm curls, and seated rows.  It gives you a wide range of lower body exercises such as leg extension, standing squats, hip adduction, and calf raises.  You can breathe easy knowing the Cybex PG 400 will not take up an entire room in your basement or fill up your garage.  And the low ceiling height of under 84″ is another reason why the Cybex PG 400 is a great option for a home gym.  Commercial grade construction, plenty of exercise options, easy of use, and compact design – all of these and many more reasons  add up to why I believe the Cybex PG 400 is a best in class personal gym.

To learn more about the Cybex PG 400 and how you can obtain one, contact me at  I have one for sale currently in my ebay store, The North Kingstown Marketing Sports and Fitness Store.  Any questions about the machine, feel free to contact me.

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