Local Musicians Play Season’s First Wickford Harbor Lights

“The Anchor” in Wickford Village was the scene last night for another great North Kingstown Teen Open Mic Night event.  I was so thrilled to have the event coincide with the season’s first “Wickford Harbor Lights – Mother’s Day Event.”  This was our third benefit show to date, with the proceeds of this Wickford Harbor Lights show going to Let’s Read RI.  Coordinator Joellen Wunner, proud founder of Wickford Harbor Lights, invited the teens to play at the event.  Wickford Harbor Lights brings local residents as well as others from throughout the state of RI to Wickford Village to eat, shop, and just enjoy the beautiful scenery of a small New England Village.  I congratulate the committee, especially Joellen, for their dedication to bringing new business and new ideas to the town of North Kingstown.

“The Anchor” proved to be a perfect setting for our third benefit show.  With the backdrop of Wickford Harbor and the gorgeous view of Wickford Village, the horse drawn carriage rides, and the many people in town, the teen musicians and their friends gathered.  A few small amps, a microphone stand, a comfortable chair were all we needed for equipment.  The teens did the rest.  One by one, singers, guitar players came up to our mock stage and performed.  Their friends and a small crowd gathered on the adjacent sidewalk and in front of the stage and on park benches near the water’s edge.  Each performer sounded absolutely amazing, the acoustics were incredible, and the crowd encouraged and cheered for everyone.

I was thrilled to have Jordan Becker in attendance.  Jordan is the founder of Let’s Read RI, which is “a local RI nonprofit organization that encourages students K-5 to read, by supporting them in and out of school.”  Jordan handed out some brochures and mingled with the parents and teen musicians as well.  His program is just incredible and I encourage teachers and faculty throughout the state to visit Let’s Read RI at www.letsreadri.org.  All proceeds from last night’s benefit show will go to Let’s Read RI on behalf of the NK Teen Musicians.

There were quite a few videos and photos taken from last night.  The fans and parents of the performers were snapping photos and uploading videos to social media throughout the show.  I have included a few in this blog article.  If you click the photo below, it will take you to a live video of two of the performers, Spencer and Griffin.  Side note, my son Griffin got to meet the musician Griffin pictured below, which was a pretty cool moment for both.

Even as the temperature dropped, the spirits of the crowd and the musicians never wavered.  In fact, it got more lively as day became night.  Kids were huddled together and the parents returned from their cars with hats and gloves and sweatshirts.  After nearly 2 hours of great live music, we said good night and good bye from the season opening Wickford Harbor Lights event, live from “The Anchor” in Wickford Village. Once again, thank you to Joellen Wunner, the Wickford Harbor Lights committee, Jordan Becker and Let’s Read RI, and the many talented musicians of North Kingstown.  And thank you to the families of these musicians for supporting the arts and music with your children.  It was an incredible night to be in Wickford and I was so honored to be a part of it.

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