Thank You North Kingstown High School Seniors For Being You

On a well above average temperature evening, I had a well above average experience at my Alma Mater, North Kingstown High School.  I had the distinct honor of judging a group of North Kingstown High School senior project presentations.  Myself and three other judges were one group of many who had the privilege of being chosen for this very important night.  These senior projects are a required assignment for these seniors to graduate.  Most spend the entire year preparing documents, digital files, and other materials to complete their project and ultimately, graduate with their class.


6 wonderful and talented and aspiring North Kingstown High School seniors presented to our group.  Each student was well dressed and met the group with a smile, a handshake, and a ton of class.  The parents of these students must be incredibly proud of their sons and daughters.  They presented their senior projects with dignity, some with a humble story about a misstep or two along the way, and with a confidence that many adults twice their age would love to have.  Their projects varied from designing skateboards and greenhouses to organizing their peers in a common goal to helping the special needs population of North Kingstown.  Each student took their time, some read notes, while others had their speech memorized.  In the end, the group of judges were so impressed with the knowledge and poise of these fine students.

Congratulations to the graduating Class of 2017 at North Kingstown High School.  It has been an honor writing about your projects and it was an honor being a judge for the Senior Project Presentations.  Best wishes to you and good luck with the next phase of your lives.

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  1. Feel special and chosen and prepare for three more in your future. I am so proud of all you give so graciously.

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