The Precor 3.45 Multi Station Gym – Total Body Strength Training

The Precor name in fitness equipment is often associated with top of the line cardio – treadmills, ellipticals, and exercise bikes.  In addition to their cardio line, Precor also manufactures quality strength equipment including selectorized machines, free weight benches, and multiple station gyms.  Their multiple station gyms are designed for hotels, personal training studios, and home gym settings.  One of the best options in this line of equipment from Precor is the 3.45 Multi Gym.

The Precor 3.45 Multi Gym offers three individual stations.  Each station has its own selectorized weight stack, which goes up to 200 lbs.  There is a cable system for each station which travels from the weight stack, through a set of pulleys, to each station’s moving arm or leg piece.  You can select a weight on the weight stack which coincides with your athletic level.  If you need help selecting a weight which appropriate for your athletic level, consult a certified fitness professional.

The Precor 3.45 offers a unique leg station.  Most home gym designs offer a leg extension and a standing leg curl option.  The 3.45 offers the standard leg extension along with a prone leg curl.  It has an adjustable seat and back pad to help create the leg extension and prone leg curl settings.  There are comfortable roller pads for each exercise.

The upper body station of the Precor 3.45 includes a “4 position freedom press.”  This freedom press allows the user to perform exercises such as chest fly, bench press, shoulder press, and triceps extension movements.  There is an adjustable back pad and an adjustable seat to help accommodate a wide range of user heights.  These adjustments help the user get into the proper position ergonomically for the exercises performed.

The other upper body station offers a high pulley, mid pulley, and arm curl station.  It has a fixed seat with a built in preacher curl pad.  There are a wide range of exercises you can perform at this station including lat pulldown, seated row, preacher arm curl, standing arm curl, just to name a few.

Each of the three stations of the Precor 3.45 Multi Gym has an exercise placard.  These placards show the basic operation of each station with some sample exercises.  The placards also serve as weight stack shrouds for safety and cosmetic purposes.  You will need about 11 feet by 7 feet of floor space to accommodate this home gym.  It stands under 84″ tall, which is ideal for most home gym settings.  The three individual stations of the Precor 3.45 will give you a ton of exercise options.  The pulley and cable system is smooth and safe to use under proper supervision.  Whether you are looking for a multiple station gym for your office, hotel, or home gym setting, the Precor 3.45 is a durable, compact, and highly effective option.

For pricing and availability on the Precor 3.45 Multi Gym, please contact me at the North Kingstown Marketing Sports and Fitness Store.  I have one unit in stock ready to deliver or ship.  Contact me at or call 401-583-7171 to learn more about this great multiple station gym option.

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