The Earth Day Campaign for 2018 is “End Plastic Pollution.”  It is a very important campaign, especially here in Rhode Island, where our beaches, our nature paths, our baseball fields are often littered with plastic.  So, what can we do as a state, as a baseball community, as an individual to help end plastic pollution?  Here is one simple way to make a difference.


Store purchased plastic bottles of water, sports drinks, food containers, and more often wind up in the trash or not deposited into proper recycling bins.  Consider filling up a reusable water bottle with water or your favorite sports drink from home and bringing that to your practice or game.  This reusable bottle can be washed and used again and again.  And if you are filling it up with a plastic bottle of your favorite sports drink at home, throw the plastic away in a recycle bin, which most apartments, condos, and homes have – most are provided to you by your town or city.

One person cannot change the world in terms of ending plastic pollution.  But, as a baseball community, we can work together to reduce plastic pollution on our fields, when we go to the beach, when we go for walks on nature paths.  It needs to be a group effort by your community, your league, and its players.  Encourage your town to have recycling bins at baseball fields.  If you see plastic bottle or bags, do your part and pick them up and deposit them into proper recycling bins.   Help End Plastic Pollution for 2018 and the future.