Tee Ball Baseball – The Memories Last A Lifetime

According to the official website of Little League® baseball, www.littleleague.com, The Tee Ball division can be described as this. “Often a family’s first introduction to Little League®, providing a Tee Ball experience that is grounded in fun, fitness, and fundamentals is key to growing a child’s love for the game.” Well said! And the North Kingstown Wickford Little League Tee Ball Division strives to do just that. Surrounded by encouraging parents and coaches, as well as NKW League President Arnie Sarazen, the young ball players hit, played catch, ran the bases, and more on a gorgeous Saturday morning yesterday in North Kingstown.

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Tee Ball is just baseball at its purest. In this division, you see baseball players taking their first swings and yes misses. Players get introduced to catching a ball, finding it in the air and snagging it with their glove. Playing catch with a coach or teammate, one of the most fundamental skills in the game of baseball that many older Little Leaguers take for granted. Running the bases in anticipation of scoring a run. Just seeing the pure joy in their little faces as they hit and run and catch and slide into second base. Not a care in the world about the score or what their batting average is or whether they made an error or not. Just happy to be out on the field playing the game of baseball. All being played out in front of Moms, Dads, Grandparents just holding back the tears of excitement watching their loved ones.

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We all – coaches, older players, volunteers – can learn a lot by the Tee Ball division. Good habits are formed in Tee Ball and stay with a player for years and years. Thank you to all the coaches and parents for being a part of the experience and helping a young ball player develop a love of baseball at an early age.

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