Great Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for NKW Little League Moms

Singular moments as a child can stay with you a lifetime and can help shape who you are as an adult​.  One such incident helped me realize just how important Mother’s Day was to my mother. She was a hard working mother, worked full time as a nurse during the day, and then took care of myself, my older brother, and younger sister as her other full time job.  And went to every baseball game, traveled throughout New England for my soccer tournaments, my brother and sister’s swim meets, drove us to practice, to birthday parties, and the list goes on and on. Mother’s Day meant something to her. It meant her children, who could not offer much in terms of monetary items, would pay her the respect and admiration and appreciation she deserved on that one special day on the calendar set aside to honor Moms.  And, one year, we failed her. Not a card, not a flower picked, nothing. And she let us know, in no uncertain terms, that this would not be an acceptable behavior going forward. She didn’t have to say much, other than we forgot her. We felt awful, I mean we felt really awful for weeks. I vowed at that moment in my childhood to never, ever, ever, ever forget Mother’s Day again. And, since then I have written my mother poems, given her cards, flowers, special mementos, etc because I do respect her and admire her and appreciate her.

Fathers, coaches, ball players – take my advice and mark your calendars every year (this year it is May 13th) for Mother’s Day.  A card, some flowers, a lunch date – it is the thought that counts and the fact that you are recognizing a special person in your family.  An outstanding person who sacrifices long afternoons at Wilson Park to cheer you on. Who rushes to Dave’s to get pizza so you can have something after practice.  Who travels to South Kingstown and Westerly and Warwick and Tiverton for district games. Let’s get the Moms of North Kingstown Wickford Little League some awesome gifts of appreciation this year.  And, with the help of the Merchants of Wickford Village, here are some gift ideas for you, just in time for Mother’s Day:


Beauty and The Bath​ – Give Mom the gift of a “Spa in a Jar” with Beauty and the Bath’s new Wish Whipped Body Butter ($34)  Ultra creamy and moisturizing, infused with Jasmine and Vanilla Bean. A fragrant escape of pure bliss for the body!


UR Calm Lavender Shower Steamers ($22) When mom doesn’t have time to take a bath but needs some peace of mind, lavender and vanilla will melt her stress away!​


Del’s Hand & Body Soap ($12.95) One of our best “smellers”! Any mom will appreciate this all natural refreshingly different lemon liquid soap. Bring a little bit of RI into the bath or kitchen.​  Visit www.beautyandthebath.com for more great deals and go in and see Lori in Wickford for more gift ideas.


She’s the Queen Bee and sweet as can be. Our own local Beebe’s Bees 🐝 honey from Yes! Gallery​ is the perfect Mother’s Day treat. Pure golden deliciousness! $14 per bottle​.


The newest addition to JW Graham’s awesome jewelry selection…4Ocean 🌊 ! When you purchase a bracelet, a POUND of trash is removed from the ocean & coastlines. How cool 😎 is that? Original blue, green (to also help support Earth Day Network’s Canopy Project,) & coral (to help replantation of endangered coral species)… all created with recycled materials. One more way to love your Mother 🌎 $20 each.​


“Tweet” Mom with one of these adorable handcrafted porcelain Bird Bowls from Yes! Gallery. Perfect for holding jewelry or a tea light candle. Small $14, Large $23​.  Visit The Yes!Gallery online at www.yesgallery.com for more great gift ideas and see Julie and her team at JW/Graham and the Yes!Gallery in Wickford.


Here is a Mother’s Day gift idea from Green River Silver Co.  

Our exclusive sterling silver Lotus Flower pendant designed by Annabel Humber. Symbolizing purity, transformation and wisdom.

On sale for $48 (Reg. price $68) *  

We are open 7 days a week and always offer free gift wrapping!

*While supplies last.  Chain sold separately.

Facebook: Green River Silver Co.  https://www.facebook.com/GreenRiverSilver/

Instagram: @greenriversilver https://www.instagram.com/greenriversilver/

83 Brown St. Wickford RI www.greenriversilver.com

Here are some great gift ideas from Eclectic Bungalow, located at 1 Brown St., Wickford. Stop in and see Kerry or call 401.667.0747 for more gift ideas. Or go online to www.eclecticbungalow.com.

Taking Mom out to lunch, or simply buying her a gift certificate so she can enjoy lunch with friends or maybe just a quiet afternoon for herself is always a great idea.  The newest member of Wickford Village, Wickford on the Water​ (formerly Brown St. Cafe), along with Tate’s Restaurant, The Place​, Shayna’s Place are all beautifully placed in gorgeous Wickford Village, where Mom can relax, have a nice meal, and yes feel appreciated.


These are just some of the many, many gift ideas that the Merchants of Wickford have to offer.   Shopping local is so important to North Kingstown merchants and they have saved the best deals for you when you see them in person.  Visit Wickford this year for Mother’s Day gifts, gift certificates, cards, and more. And let’s show our North Kingstown Wickford Little League Moms how much we admire them, respect them, and appreciate them.  Happy Mother’s Day (early but you can never be too soon in my family) to every Mom out there.​


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