Just got this great information courtesy of local baseball coach, instructor, and professional scout Mark Cahill of KPerformance and Merc Bat Company.  Please read below:

AAU Baseball is forming a League for High School Players. Throughout the United States, AAU has been a huge supporter of High School Federation and the High School Baseball Coaches. AAU Baseball is starting a series of Futures leagues across the country and New England will be the first of its kind. The goal of the league is for the top High School Players to compete against its peers.  The mission of this Futures Baseball League is: “to create “great local” competition, attract college coaches and local MLB (Major League Baseball) Scouts.”

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League Criteria

  • This league will consist of High School upcoming juniors and upcoming seniors.
  • Player must be recommended from a High School coach, College coach or MLB scout.
  • Player will wear their High School uniform
  • League Standings will be on the official website of New England AAU Baseball – www.neaaubaseball.org
  • All eligible players must have a minimum GPA 2.0
  • Player fee will be $100.00
  • AAU Baseball will supply liability league insurance
  • All players and coaches will have an AAU membership which will cover each player for injury insurance

League format

  • League will play High School Federation Rules
  • The league will be wooden bat league
  • League games to be played at one (1) location, to be determined
  • League will consist of 8 to 12 games
  • Games will start June 17th and run through July 29th
  • Playoffs – to be determined
  • Teams may consist of 18 players, 11 position players and 7 pitchers
  • Teams will play Sunday only
  • Teams will play 8 inning games

Here is a downloadable form you can print out and mail in:

aau form

For more information on this new Futures League in New England, contact Ed Skovron, National Baseball Chairman, at 401-451-1999 or email Ed at oldpro77@msn.com.  In addition, you can print, fill out the form, and then scan/email it to Ed Skovron.