Rhode Island’s John H. Urwin III Tournament Set To Begin July 14th

One of the best friendship tournaments in the state of Rhode Island is the John H. Urwin III Tournament.  Coventry Little League hosts this tournament every July at their Wood St. and Paine Field locations.  It is a great tournament with exciting games, great crowds, and thrilling baseball.  There is a U10 division and teams from all over Rhode Island flock to Coventry to play every year.


Some of my fondest memories as a coach were in that tournament a few years back. Coaching my son and his friends he grew up playing Tee ball with was such a thrill and and an honor.   Coventry was awesome throughout the tournament and the fields were always in great shape, the concession stands stocked, and the grounds clean.  We spent a lot of time that summer in Coventry and really enjoyed ourselves.

urwin team

Most if not all of the players I coached that year have now gone on to play District level, AAU, and even local middle schools.  And the same can be said for the players we faced – all great competition from Game 1 to the championship game, which we lost to Warwick that year.  Despite the loss, my players, the families, the fans were all treated to incredible pitching, hitting, a diving catch in center field, and just smiles on the kid’s faces from ear to ear.  So, thanks Coventry Little League for your awesome Urwin Tournament.   And good luck to all the players, coaches, and families in this year’s tournament.  To learn more about the tournament, visit Coventry Little League’s website at www.coventrylittleleague.com.

To learn more about the namesake of the Urwin Tournament, John H. Urwin III, and the scholarships awarded through this tournament, go to www.jhuiii.com.

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