The 2018 Christopher Andreozzi Baseball Tournament Is Underway

The 2018 Christopher Andreozzi Baseball Tournament started on Saturday, July 28th, at Darlington American Little League’s, Slater Park Pawtucket.  There are 14 Teams from around Rhode Island!! The tournament features 7 & 8 Year old All Stars! And according to Darlington American’s Karen Kelly-Kane, “This is Best Tournament in Rhode Island!!!”

ca tourney

I asked Karen about the tournament.  “It is a Memorial Tournament in honor of a former Darlington American player that died in a work accident when he was 21.  His dad had been heavily involved in our LL and his son played tball to senior league. The tournament has been in existence since 1999 and is played every year in memory of Christopher Andreozzi.”

There are 14 teams participating: Barrington LL, Bristol LL, CLCF, Cumberland LL, Johnston LL, Lincoln LL, Middletown LL, Pineview LL, Portsmouth LL, Riverside LL, Rumford LL, Smithfield LL, Warwick Continental LL and Darlington American LL of course.

Good luck to all the players, coaches, families and fans this week in the 2018 Christopher Andreozzi Baseball Tournament!!!

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