I spoke to a number of local marketing companies and small businesses about the sports sponsorship banner in a previous article.  You can access that blog by clicking here – How Your Business Can Get 10,000 Views A Day.

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Today, I contacted North Kingstown Wickford Little League‘s sign and sponsorship banner company for many years running, Signarama. President Joe Lomastro was kind enough to answer a few questions for me and here is an excerpt from our conversation. Joe’s answers are in BOLD.

1. What information is the most critical for the banner?
Name, logo, phone#, and definitely website.
2. Physical address or website, which is more important or are they equally important?
Website-you can get the physical address from just about any business website. People like to look at the websites on their phone, while at the games during a game break.
3. Does it pay to have a logo and why ?
Yes. If you are trying to brand your company, it makes it easier for potential customers to recognize you with a creatively designed logo.
4. Color scheme, which colors pop especially on a typically white backdrop?
Contrast is important. Dark blue, black, red all show up good on white. Lighter colors by themselves will not show good. But with a dark outline, lighter colors are more likely to show up.
5. Are they a good investment and why? How can sponsors use these banners to drive traffic to their businesses or websites?
Yes. People with kids playing sports typically spend a lot of time at the field. There is down time in a game. People will look around and see who is supporting their child. Today is all about the cell phone. When I have time when I am waiting for something I’m usually on my phone. It’s a good way to drive people to your website.
6. What advice would you give a sponsor to then ask the league?
Is my sports banner going on the main field? Or is it a baseball field that is used for one game a week? Will the banner be used over and over again each year?
7. Any thoughts on font, size, spacing?
Easy to read font. Remember most banners are in the outfield. May not be visible if the lettering is too small.


Thanks to Joe Lomastro of Signarama – NK for his great insight. Signarama is located at 6855 Post Rd., North Kingstown, at www.signaramank.com, and at 401-886-5000.