On a business trip to Connecticut this summer, I was driving in the northwest part of RI on Putnam Pike.  Gorgeous drive through the country observing local businesses, homes with big, beautiful lawns, and just a peaceful mood all around.  Although I was heading to a meeting for my “real job,” I couldn’t help but notice Acotes Field in Chepachet on Route 44 just before I hit the RI/Connecticut line.  I pulled into the parking lot on this overcast day and had an idea.

Over the summer district and state tournament season, I had the pleasure of photographing and meeting league presidents at various fields for blog articles.  Fields like Cranston West’s Varrato Field and Lincoln’s Hien Field and Coventry’s Wood St. Field.  I had such a great experience with those fields and the great people I ran into.  Then I thought, why not photograph and catalog all Little League® fields and help promote the volunteers in all Rhode Island baseball communities.  And what better time to start this journey then right now – here at Glocester Little League’s Acotes Field.


Acotes Field features baseball fields for Little League® ball players from Tee-Ball to Minors to the Majors Divisions.  There is a plenty of parking and seating available in this huge baseball complex.  Having stopped there on a weekday during the day, the fields were empty but I can just imagine a busy game day here with all of the fields in play.


Just reading some of their Facebook posts recently, the league would like to recognize the work of some important volunteers.  Here is more from their recent post “HUGE thank you to the board members who gave up a lot of their weekends to field maintenance – no doubt this will pay big dividends come spring time! The dedication of these volunteers is incredible, and many times goes unnoticed or unrecognized.” 

This is the main reason why I want to photograph, catalog, and write about every league here in Rhode Island.  The post says it best “The dedication of these volunteers is incredible, and many times goes unnoticed or unrecognized.” Great visit to Glocester Little League’s Acotes Fields.  Here is more about Glocester Little League:

Website – www.glocesterll.com

Facebook – Glocester Little League

Next Stop – Olneyville at Silver Lake