My tour of Rhode Island Little League fields continues with a trip to the village of Mapleville, RI and Burrillville Little League.  Just off Main St. is the impressive Richard Peck Fields, a huge sports complex located at the tail end of Casino Ave.  This sports complex stretches far and wide and has the woods serving as a natural boundary.  I parked on Casino Ave. and was able to get an incredible view of the entire complex.


I lost count at 4 fields, there may have been one or two more that I missed.  The main field just down the hill from the parking area was called Rymanski Field, dedicated to  Andrew Rymanski, a former player in the league.  There was tons of seating throughout this main field and I loved the raised steps behind home plate, a great place to watch a game or two.  The entire complex was in really nice shape.  There was a concession stand, which was located just outside the main field and next to the batting cages and a second baseball field.   And located just passed the center field fences was an enclosed playground.  Great idea as well.


The batting cages just passed the concession stand had a sign that read “Dedicated in Memory to Rich Guilbault, 2003.”


This was just a fantastic baseball complex to visit.  4 plus baseball fields, all in great shape and all with enough seating to cheer on the rising stars of Burrillville Little League.  It was a great park at the tail end of a neighborhood with the woods serving as a natural boundary.  I can only imagine a busy Opening Day here or Championship weekend at these Richard Peck baseball fields.  A great RI Baseball Experience visiting Burrillville Little League’s Richard Peck Fields.

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