Narragansett’s Sprague Park – A Familiar Baseball Experience For The RIBBE

My kids grew up playing Little League® in District 3 for North Kingstown Wickford Little League.  My sister, her husband, and family reside in Narragansett, which also happens to be in District 3.  So, they play for Narragansett Little League.  Our children are years apart, so there were never any games featuring cousins vs cousins.  But, NKW has faced Narragansett Little League over the years in tournaments, districts, and fall baseball games so there is a very tiny rivalry there.

Narragansett Little League calls Sprague Park home.  Sprague Park is a beautiful sports complex located about a mile from iconic Narragansett Beach.   The Little League® baseball field is located just off Kingstown Road.  In this section of Sprague Park, there is plenty of parking, an incredible playground area, stadium bleacher seating on both the first and third base lines, and a huge concession stand.  The batting cage/bullpen area is located on the other side of parking lot and is by far one of the nicest setups of any park I visited this summer.

I always enjoy going to see my cousins play at Sprague.  The field and grounds are always in excellent condition, no matter what season they are playing in.  When I visited Sprague in late summer, it was a rainy day but the field was still in good condition.  The signage around the park was tremendous, including that can’t miss HUGE Red Scoreboard.

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There is a plaque on the concession stand in honor of Joseph A Labelle, Jr – a Narragansett volunteer and Town Councilman.


Sprague Park Complex features tennis courts, basketball courts, a high school regulation baseball field (which I played on in High School), amazing playground, batting cage, and of course the home field of Narragansett Little League.  It is a friendly, neighborhood park with a ton of activities for kids of all ages.  The Town and volunteers have done a really nice job over the years making this park an attraction for not only baseball, but all other activities.  I especially love going to watch my nephews play baseball.  And will keep going to watch them as long as they take it easy on my NKW teams.

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