The RIBBE Visits Rumford Little League’s Kimberly Ann Rock Sports Complex

During my tour of Rhode Island baseball fields, I posted photos on my social media pages showcasing those fields.  I received an email (or a tip) from Rumford Little League and Chris Parent that they would be doing their annual field day/field shutdown.  Chris wanted me to get to Kimberly Ann Rock Memorial Athletic Complex in Rumford to get a real sense of the great signage and field conditions for my catalog.  So, I took a drive out to Rumford to check out this great Rhode Island baseball field.

Kimberly Ann Rock Memorial Athletic Complex is located off Ferris Ave and Route 1A in Rumford, RI.  Rumford Little League is part of District 2 and has a beautiful set of fields located in this sports and recreation complex.  When you drive in to the main parking lot, you see the various baseball fields located through the complex.  There is tons of great signage on the dugouts, batting cage area, and along the outfield fences.  There is plenty of parking in the complex, which also serves as a gateway to the Ten Mile River Greenway.  Rumford’s baseball fields are just one of many Rhode Island baseball fields located at some stretch of this Greenway.  There is a huge “Snack Shack” with sponsor shout-outs, picnic area, plenty of shade, and Rumford Little League announcements.

The fields were in great playing condition.  I loved all the signage.  The sponsor banners were colorful and positioned perfectly for everyone to read and understand.  This field is host to a number of great events all summer long.  In addition to Little League play, they host the Scott Grace Memorial Tournament as well as The Wounded Warrior Baseball Tournament.



There were a few commemorative plaques located at Rumford’s fields. One of them read “In Memory of William Valerio” with a nice stone memorial and flower box.  The other read “Ernest J Lindberg Memorial Field, Dedicated May 30, 1964.”

It was a beautiful day for baseball when I visited Rumford Little League’s Kimberly Ann Rock Complex.  There was plenty of parking and shade. The fields were in great condition for baseball.  Tons of great signage lined the concession stands, outfield fences, and dugout area.  I loved reading about all the past Rumford Little League tournament games and district accomplishments.  It was a great visit to Rumford, RI for the Rhode Island Baseball Experience.

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