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Starting in this Spring, I am a manager of youth baseball here in Rhode Island.  As the manager of a Little League® team, I throw batting practice to up to 12 players several days per week.  On my off days from coaching my Little League® team, I throw batting practice to my son as well as served as his bullpen catcher.  During my league’s annual Home Run Derby competition, I pitch about 10 rounds of hittable pitches to 8 to 12 years olds.  This is all in addition to my regular job of delivering, moving, and assembling commercial fitness equipment here in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.  By the fall, my muscles are really, really sore!!!

Over the years, my typical remedy for sore muscles and injuries included rest, ice, compression, elevation, and heat therapy.  These are proven methods of treating most injuries like sore muscles, aches and pains from physical exertion, and other strains of the body.  This year I developed some muscle soreness in my forearm area, perhaps from all the pitches I threw and treadmills I lugged upstairs.  The area is point tender every time I throw and move something and it is definitely hindering my ability to work.


I mentioned this injured area to a physical therapy friend of mine.  He works with athletes of all abilities here in Rhode Island and has extensive knowledge of treatment options.  He suggested Biofreeze® and their line of topical pain relief.   I was always skeptical about using anything other than heat and ice for treatment, but he convinced me to try Biofreeze®, specifically their continuous 360° spray.   I am so glad I listened to his advice because the Biofreeze® spray works amazing.

The spray is very inexpensive to purchase. I purchased one for less than $15 per bottle.  The application is simple and easy.  Just spray on the area which is sore and let the cold therapy pain relief begin.  There is a menthol smell at first but it dissipates after a few minutes.  The cold therapy relief took only a minute or two to take effect.  This area of my forearm had some much needed relief, after months of pain and soreness.


I would definitely recommend the Biofreeze® spray to relieve sore muscles from playing sports, like baseball.  It was easy to apply, effective in pain relief, and without the odor of  typical topical pain relief products.  At under $15, it is an inexpensive cold therapy pain relief product that really works.  You can read more about Biofreeze® and their lineup of products on their website,

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